Coming Soon: The First Bookstore Romance Day!

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The First Annual Bookstore Romance Day

Billie Bloebaum of Third Street Books in McMinnville, OR, first proposed the idea of the First Annual Romance Bookstore Day to a Facebook group she founded for romance booksellers in July 2018. Since then, the idea has taken off, and now roughly "30 booksellers, authors, and publishing professionals" have agreed to participate.

Bloabaum says, "If we get 50 stores [to participate], I'll consider it a raging success."

It's very likely the event will be successful. Maybe it goes without saying, but romance fans are very passionate about romance. Enough so to support romance a bookstore, romance pop-up shops, and make it a billion dollar industry.

Bookstore Romance Day finds inspiration in both Free Comic Book Day and Independent Bookstore Day, both of which are coming up soon and intended to draw people into independently owned comic book shops and bookstores.

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A Day For Romance Fans

While there much info yet available on their social media about the First Annual Romance Bookstore Day, people are excited. Owner of the Silver Unicorn Bookstore in Acton, MA, had a romance pop-up around Valentine's Day and is eager to participate in the August celebration.

Even publishers are getting onboard. The senior director of publicity and brand development for Avon, Pamela Jaffee, finds it "an exciting initiative," proof that more and more people, including booksellers, are becoming vocal about their love for the romance genre. "We're experiencing a rising tide."

Based on Facebook comments, it appears romance fans are definitely game for a day devoted just for them!

Be sure to follow their social media for future details (we have links on the next slide) and your local indie bookstore to see if they're participating!

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How To Support Bookstore Romance Day

• Donate to their GoFundMe to help cover web hosting, graphic design, postage and other expenses.

• Purchase a stick, T-shirt, bag, or more from their Zazzle, with proceeds going to fund the First Annual Bookstore Romance Day.

• Follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and share their posts!

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