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Great books to help you survive Siren's spring hiatus!

Romance Books Like Siren

After an excited first-half of season 2 of Siren, we're all eagerly awaiting for June 13th when the show comes back for the second half of the season so we can continue our adventures with Ryn, Maddie, Ben, and the rest of the gang. Until then, we've found some great books like Siren.

Siren has been a fan favorite since it first premiered in March 2018 and is perfect for people who love stories about mermaids. But don't expect the show to be anything like Disney's The Little Mermaid. Siren is much darker, more nuanced and adult. There are many tales where a mermaid or merman falls in love with a human. The stories differ, but they carry this common thread.

These books similar to the TV show Siren share this. Who doesn't love a good forbidden romance or struggle to overcome the odds for love?

1. The Last Mermaid by Shana Abé

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In the year 531, the small island of Kell is believed to be an enchanted place. When sailors are shipwrecked on Kell, extraordinary creatures are said to comfort them as they pass to the next world. Prince of the Isles, Aeden, doesn't believe it. At least until he awakes on Kell himself and meets a siren who pulled him from the sea.

Earl of Kell, Ronan MacMhuirich, is the target of an assassin in the year 1721. The assassin? A beautiful and mysterious woman from a far off land. It turns out she is in danger too when she meets and falls for an otherworldly man on Kell.

In 2004, Ruri Kell inherits the small Scottish island that she never even knew existed until now. Iain MacInnes invites her to visit Kell to see it for herself, wanting to buy it from her. There's something about Iain that is sinfully tempting. How can Ruri say no?

2. The Mermaid's Daughter by Ann Claycomb

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Kathleen has always experienced excruciating pain in her feet, and on her sixteenth birthday, she even awoke feeling as if her tongue had been cut out. Doctors have never found a cause for her pain, and pain killers bring her no relief.

At twenty-five, Kathleen, is an opera student in Boston. Kathleen's girlfriend, Harry, is in the same program, and she worries endlessly about the pain Kathleen goes through. Both Kathleen's mother and grandmother suffered from the same pain and ended up taking their lives while they were young. After suffering another breakdown, Harry suggests Kathleen visit her hometown in Ireland to learn about her own past.

Once in Ireland, Kathleen and Harry discover that Kathleen's family history is stranger and dates back farther than either could have imagined. It seems Kathleen won't be able to escape her fate and she will end up having to choose between the sea and her lover, resulting in one of their deaths.

3. In Great Waters by Kit Whitfield

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In an alternate Europe, Venice is experiencing huge upheaval during the Middle Ages and, as a result, the landsmen decide to broker a treaty with tribe of deepsmen who dwell in the water. The treaty is cemented through marriage with royalty, producing a new race of powerful beings. Other nations secure treaties with the offspring before becoming jealous of their power. All unions between people of the land and sea become banned, punishable by death and any offspring destroyed.

Whistle, a half-breed, is abandoned by his deepswoman mother on the shore and eventually challenges the king given his own royal lineage. Then there is Anne, the king's granddaughter, and the woman Whistle in love with. They find themselves a pawn in a game of court intrigue that changes their lives forever.

4. Ice Massacre by Tiana Warner

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Each year, the island of Eriana Kwai sends a group of warriors to battle the mermaids who do nothing but bring death to each man they encounter. The warriors never come back. Desperate to survive, the people of Eriana Kwai devise a new plan the year, instead sending twenty young women who have all been battle-trained, seemingly resistant to the allure of a mermaid.

Meela's brother was a warrior and she once lost him to the sirens. Now she is afraid her secret, one she's guarded for as long as she can remember, is about to be exposed. Meela, too, will be affected by the mermaids. If she wants to survive, Meela will have to find a way to overcome the thrall of the mermaids to protect her people. It's kill or be killed.

Be sure to also check out Ice Crypt and Ice Kingdom, books 2 and 3 in the trilogy!

5. Lover's Catch by Dani Stowe

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Growing up, Shelley dreaming of beautiful men with fishtails who lived deep in the ocean. Her aunt even insisted they were real, but now that Shelley's older, she's put such fantasies behind her. She comes from a long line of women believed to be crazy and doesn't want to wind up the same way. If that means putting aside her dreams of underwater folks, a wonderful destiny, and some sort of connection between them, well, so be it.

Then Shelley gets saved by a seaman who will do anything he can to make Shelley fall in love with him because she holds the key to fulfilling his dream: to be able to walk on land.

Don't miss Lovers Peak and Lovers in the Deep, books 2 and 3 in the Sea Men series.

6. The Mermaid's Curse by Alexa Rowan

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In this short story, a merman named Lou in the palace guard once gave his heart to the princess Kyria. Her stepmother, the queen, caught them together in Kyria's room and the consequences for Lou were were devastating.

Cursed to live on land until he finally finds his soul mate. He's on land three hundred years before he meets a human who shares the same face and name as his former love. Will Lou allow himself to love her? And if she returns him love back, he'll lose his legs and lose her too.

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