Something's in the Air and It's 11 Books About Summer Love

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Love is in the air!

Summer Love Romance Books

It's mid-July, the height of summer, between the cookouts, picnics, trips to the pool and the beach, you're living it up! Oh, and we can't forget about a little divine thing summer reading, can we?

We're 100 percent here for romance novels about summer love or romances taking place in the summer. Even if you aren't experiencing your own summer love (if you even want to!), it's a blast reading romance books about a relationship that may begin as a vacation fling that becomes something more or any number of scenarios.

After scouring the internet, we found 11 great summer romance recommendations you'll be thrilled to add to your reading list. Your lazy days on the beach won't be complete until you have one of these books in your hands!

1. Damaged Goods by Talia Hibbert


In Talia Hibbert's Damaged Goods, Laura Burne is trapped in an awful marriage to a horrible man. When she finds out she's pregnant, it's exactly the push she needs to finally leave him. She runs to Samir Bianchi, her teenage sweetheart. Even pregnant, Samir believes Laura is every bit the wonderful woman he spend a magical summer with years ago. However, Laura has kept a secret from Samir. Will he still love her when she tells him?

Get Damaged Goods here.

2. The Simple Wild by K.A. Tucker


When Calla Fletcher was just two, her mother took her daughter and left the Alaskan wilderness, leaving Calla's father behind in K.A. Tucker's The Simple Wild. Toronto is all Calla knows, but after Calla's dad reach out to let her know he won't make it much longer, she decides to travel back to the town of her birth. Despite the wildlife, the limited daylight, and the exorbitant prices, she can't help but immediately for her father. Jonah, the pilot for her dad's charter plane company, is counting the days until the city girl packs her bags and heads home. Calla is determined to prove Jonah wrong and before long, they begin forming a friendship that develops into something more. But how can they pursue a relationship that will just end the way Calla's parents' ended.

Get The Simple Wild here.

3. Summer Heat by A.C. Arthur


In A.C. Arthur's Summer Heat, Karena Lakefield is the head buyer for the prestigious Lakefield Gallery. It allows her to travel the world in her quest for the fine art. She hasn't forgotten the weekend she spent with P.I. Samuel Desdune. Sam has had his heart open for the right woman for a long time now, never forgetting about Karena. When she comes to him for his expertise in clearing her family's name, Sam seizes the chance to prove to Karena they belong together.

Get Summer Heat here.

4. Summer's End by Harper Bliss


Marianne lost the love of her life in Summer's End by Harper Bliss. It causes her to move to a tropical island off the coast of Thailand where she opens a bed and breakfast and does her best to retreat from the world. When Emily Kane shows up at the bed and breakfast, she seems like any other guest. However it soon becomes apparent she has her own demons. The closer they become, the more they discover they just might "find a way to live again."

Get Summer's End here.

5. Breathless by Marcella Swann


Once upon a time, they were together. Now, in Marchella Swann's Breathless, Isaiah's comedy career is blowing up and Sofia's his manager. She's been there with him every step of the way, building his career from the dive bars to the sold out shows, and he loves her more than anything. Which is of course when she drops a bomb on him. Sofia wants his sperm in a cup so she can move on and have a baby. The problem is Isaiah doesn't want her to. He wants them to have a second chance.

Get Breathless here.

6. Nice Girls Don't Ride by Roni Loren


Natalie Bourne is turning twenty-one and she wants to have the perfect night in Nice Girls Don't Ride, a novella by Roni Loren. But her plans start falling when her boyfriend ditches her and her car breaks down. She ends up stranded at an auto shop with a hot mechanic who "seems to be intent on pushing ever button she has." Monroe Hawkins knows he needs to stay away from girls like Natalie, rich girls from private colleges. Still, he can't let her spend her birthday alone.

Get Nice Girls Don't Ride here.

7. Hot in the City by Jules Court


Jules Court's Hot in the City is about Priya Shah, the emergency room doctor who stitches up Detective Brian MacGregor after getting injured apprehending a suspect. The last thing Brian expected was to develop an immediate crush on his doctor. Before he gets to ask her out, she gets called to an emergency. When they see each other again, Priya is protecting her cousin who just witnessed a murder. Priya's cousin goes into hiding and they need to find her before the murderer does. Brian knows Priya is the key to finding Sara. They'll just have to find a way to keep their hands off each other until the cast get solved.

Get Hot in the City here.

8. Mango Summer by Agay Llanera


In Mango Summer by Agay Llanera, the mangoes in San Antonio's beloved fruit farm have turned sour for the first time in a century. Unfortunately, Fiona knows it's her fault. At thirty-six, she's basically a spinster and, according to family legend, the women who fun the fruit farm must marry and have kids to keep the farm fertile. If Fiona doesn't find someone soon, her family's legacy will rot away for good. When he was younger, Greg had a huge crush on Fiona, his older sister's best friend. He decides to pay a visit to the farm to pick up some mangoes and it somehow turns into an extended vacation. His feelings for Fiona return and somehow, he will have to convince Fiona he is so much more than just her friend's little brother.

Get Mango Summer here.

9. Tempted at Twilight by Jamie Pope


Trauma surgeon Elias Bradley loves the feeling of adrenaline pumping through his veins. Sadly, in Jamie Pope's Tempted at Twilight, a wrist injury threatens not only a promotion, but also his career. In an effort to relax and regroup, Elias heads to his family's island retreat. There, he meets Dr. Cricket Warren, a woman as beautiful as she is smart. They have a great time together before parting ways. However, Elias can't stop thinking about her. Cricket may have two PhDs and be the heiress to a billion dollar tech fortune, but her dating experience is nil. The time she spends with Elias while on vacation took her by surprise. The problem is she's just found out she's pregnant with his baby, something she did not plan. Elias says he's willing to step up, but they don't really know each other. Can things work out between them?

Get Tempted at Twilight here.

10. Honeymoon for One by Keira Andrews


After getting betrayed the night before his wedding in Keira Andrews' Honeymoon for One, Ethan Robinson decides to go on his honeymoon alone. Hard of hearing, Ethan feels very isolated traveling alone, especially after just having his heart broken. Clay Kelly married young and, now in his forties and divorced from his wife, he's embarked on a new career driving a tour bus along Australia's East Coast. He isn't unhappy, though he is lonely. After befriending Clay, Ethan think a crush on a straight guy is just the safe sort of distraction he needs. However, the connection between Clay and Ethan grows and Clay begins to acknowledge the long repressed feelings inside himself. But they both know Ethan's honeymoon for one will eventually come to an end.

Get Honeymoon for One here.

11. Real Kind of Love by Sara Rider


In Real Kind of Love by Sara Rider, audiobook narrator Clementine Cox is able to do voices for aliens, elves, and just about anything. Anything except erotic romance. She's on deadline, so she decides to book a week at a secluded cabin "to restore her inner muse." However, when she tells her family she's going on a romantic getaway with her non-existent boyfriend, they all decide to come along to meet him. That gives her twenty-four hours to find a boyfriend. After a broken engagement, Jake's Donovan's only goal is to keep Holy Grale, his brewpub, going. His business partner insists Jake take a much-needed vacation just as Jake's favorite customer is in need of a fake boyfriend. So Jake agrees to help Clem out. Jake isn't prepared for just how much he enjoys wake up with Clem every morning and how much he wishes their relationship was real.

Get Real Kind of Love here.

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