10 Enchanting Books About Magic That You'll Read More Than Once

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Magical books you'll fall in love with!

Books About Magic

Who doesn't love a good book filled with magic? After all, many of us grew up with tales of witches and wizards, dragons and elves, and any other fantastical element you can think of in our stories, TV shows, and movies. Books about magic have a special place in many of our hearts and always will.

That's why we took the time to find 10 incredible books about magic you're guaranteed to love! Many of the novels take place in modern settings but have a magical twist, while a few are considered high fantasy and others are historical. There's a magical tale for every fan. Read through the summaries and follow the links to the books that spark your interests (or even use one of those magical library things!).

1. Brooklyn Brujas series by Zoraida Cordova


Zoraida Cordova's Brooklyn Brujas series is the tale of the Moritz sisters, Alexa, Lula, and Rosa. They're all brujas, "magical BAMFs with powers gifted by the Deos." In Labyrinth Lost, Alex hates her magic and, at her Deathday celebration, performs a spell that will supposedly get rid of her powers. Except it doesn't, and her entire family "vanishes into thin air." The novel follows Alex's journey getting her family back. Without giving too much away, Bruja Born is Lula's story and her own coming-of-age story.

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2. Crossbreed series by Dannika Dark


Half Mage, half Vampire, Raven Black from Dannika Dark's Crossbreed series may be a vigilante, but she also stays under the radar to stay alive. She gets offered a legit job by a Russian Shifter in his covert organization hunting outlaws, but it means her partner will be Vampire Christian Poe. Raven loathes Christian Poe. But she takes the job, and soon they're on the trail of a human killer "who will stop at nothing to get what he wants." Raven's probationary period is the chance for redemption she's longed for. She just needs to find a way to avoid giving in to her dark nature.

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3. The Tales of Y'Myran series by Shaylynn Rose


Azhani Rhu'len was once called the Warleader in The Tales of Y'Myran by Shaylynn Rose. Now the people of Y'Dan call her Banshee, oath breaker, and banshee. She's nothing more than a common criminal now, and has escaped justice. Kyrian Stardancer, both a healer and a priestess, is the Goddess' Own. At least until her world is upended and she must put her trust in the oath breaker's hands. Traces of an ancient evil appears throughout the land, and Azhani and Kyrian will have to decided what to do next. Lives depend on it.

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4. The Shadowshaper Cypher series by Daniel José Older


In The Shadowshaper Cypher by Daniel José Older, Sierra Santiago's summer was supposed to be filled with lazy days spent with her friends and creating new works of art. However, a dead body turns up and then her grandfather begins apologizing for a reason Sierra can't figure out as the neighborhood murals begin weeping. Teaming up with another artist, Robbie, Sierra learns shadowscaping, "a magic that infuses ancestral spirits into paintings, music, and stories." Someone is picking off shadowscapers, and it's up to Sierra secure the future of shadowscaping by taking down a killer.

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5. Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell by Susanna Clarke


The early 19th century finds two magicians set to alter English history forever in Susanna Clarke's Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell. It's the height of the Napoleonic Wars and most believe magic to be dust in the wind. At least until Mr. Norrell emerges and becomes an overnight celebrity. Before long, Jonathan Strange comes forth, another magician, younger and more handsome. Strange becomes Norrell's student and the two decide to take on France in the war. However, Strange becomes more and more attracted to wild, perilous magic, putting his partnership with Norrell at risk, along with "everything else he holds dear."

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6. A Charm of Magpies series by KJ Charles


In K.J. Charles' A Charm of Magpies series, Lucien Vaudrey was exiled to China twenty years ago. With his father and brother dying under mysterious circumstances, he's the new Lord Crane and has inherited not only an earldom, but also his family's enemies. Including magician Stephen Day, who he needs to help deal with the supernatural threat at his house. Stephen's list for hating the Cranes is long, but Lucien is very different from any aristocrat he's every met before. There's also the fact that Lucien makes his attraction to Stephen quite obvious. It doesn't take long for Stephen to fall for Lucien at the worst possible time - when both their lives are on the line.

Get The Magpie Lord: Volume 1, [A Case of Possession: Volume 2](https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1999784626, and *Flight of Magpies: Volume 3.

7. The Soulstealers by Jacqueline Rohrbach


Jacqueline Rohrbach's The Soulstealers is the story of Arnaka Skytree, heir to a cult of druids "responsible for keeping their floating palace habitable for the wealthy aristocracy." However, Arnaka learns that the source of power comes from culling the souls of peasant women and that her best friend's soul will soon be harvested too. She decides to find a way to end the barbaric practice and to "restore a long-forgotten harmonious system of magic practiced by the original druids." She meets several people along the way who will help her restore the balance to their world, other with the power to help her rip the floating palace from the sky so everyone will be on equal footing from now on.

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8. These Witches Don't Burn by Isabel Sterling


It may be a total stereotype, but Hannah is a witch living in Salem, Massachusetts in Isabel Sterling's These Witches Don't Burn. Specifically, she's an Elemental, able to control earth, wind, fire, and air. When she isn't trying to keep her magic secret from non-witches, Hannah works at the Fly by Night Cauldron and tries to avoid her ex-girlfriend, Veronica. A blood ritual takes place during the end-of-the-year bonfire, followed by dark magic all over Salem. It forces her to team up with Veronica to find the Blood Witch, but it also helps her meet Morgan, the cute new girl in gown. Dating is hard when the lives of your coven are in jeopardy.

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9. The Bone Witch series by Rin Chupeco


Rin Chupeco's The Bone Witch series begins with Tea accidentally raising her brother from the dead. It's the first indication her power is different from the other witches in her family. Being able to do necromancy means Tea is a bone witch, something that makes her something to be feared. An older bone witch takes Tea under her wing and takes Tea and her brother to another land to train, where Tea puts her all into learning to wield elemental magic. But darkness is coming and it will leave Tea with a powerful choice to make.

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10. The Veil Chronicles by May Dawney


In May Dawney's The Veil Chronicles, our world and the Otherworld is separated by the Veil, a magical barrier the only defense. Mages are able to use energy from the Veil to "perform miraculous feats of power," literally pulling the power to them when they need it. The Society for Psychical Defense, put together by the Inquisitio, oppose magic. Then "the world of magic is shaken by the awakening of a wild mage," someone able to manipulate the Veil. Ultimately, she can "eradicate the Inquisitio" or steal magic from all mages. The race is one to get to the wild mage first.

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