Vets, Farmers, and Trainers, Oh My! 9 Books About Animal Lovers

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What makes a romance even better? Adorable animals!

Animals Lovers in Romance Novels

Romance novels featuring animals are, honestly, romance writers gift to readers. Considering the fact that seventy percent of people living in the United States have at least one pet, it's safe to assume that most people love animals. It only makes sense that animals would pop up in romance books quite often.

Some romance books go a little bit further and have characters that make animals their lives through jobs such as veterinarians, farmers, ranchers, working with wildlife, and more. Working with animals is their passion in life and, in addition to the romance, it's a lot of fun to read about.

We have nine different animal romance novels for you to enjoy. If you have recommendations, let us know on Twitter!

1. Must Love Chickens by Jea Hawkins


Natalie's life is falling apart in Must Love Chickens by Jea Hawkins. In the face of losing everything she's dedicated her life to, she decides take a job as a farmhand while she tries to get her head on straight. The last thing farmer Jessica Morgan expected was a city girl to respond to her job listing. It doesn't take long for Natalie to realize she's attracted to her boss, though Jessica seems to have an immediate problem with her. Jessica's issues apparently stem from her ex and soon even she can't deny the sparks between them.

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2. To Desire a Wilde by Kimberly Kaye Terry


To Desire a Wilde by Kimberly Kaye Terry is about Shilah Wilde who has lived at the Wyoming Wilde ranch his childhood. An important part of his family's Native American heritage, he's terrified when the future of the ranch is threatened. But he'll do anything to protect it, even go head-to-head with veterinarian Ellie Crandall. Once a shy girl, Ellie has grown into a beautiful, assertive woman. Will they quit butting heads long enough to acknowledge the growing feelings between them?

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3. Tracking You by Kelly Moran


In Kelly Moran's Tracking You, Gabby Cosette is known for being Redwood Ridge's resident good girl and it's always put a damper in her dating life. So when some folks in town decide to find her the perfect match, she's willing to go along with it. Too bad they think the guy for her is not only her boss at the local vet clinic, but also her best friend, Flynn O'Grady. Flynn is good looking and kind, but Gabby knows that once they open that door, there's no closing it. Born Deaf, Flynn has always felt like an outsider. Gabby is one of the few people who has always treated him like a normal person, which is why he's always buried his attraction for her. But after they share a kiss, Flynn begins to wonder if love is worth the risk after all.

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4. Taming Teddy by Lucy Lennox


Teddy isn't big on commitment in Lucy Lennox's Taming Teddy. A award-winning photographer, Teddy's always on the road in the attempt to find his next great project. This is what leads him to Alaska and Dr. James Marian's front door. Called the Wildlife Whisperer, Teddy wants to photograph Jamie in action. But he's reluctant. At first. After getting left at the alter, Jamie vowed to never fall in love again. When Teddy proposes his photography project, Jamie figures he can have a bit of fun while the gorgeous photographer is in town, no strings attached. There's just one problem: Jamie has fallen for him.

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5. The City Girl's Homecoming by Kathy Douglass


In Kathy Douglass' The City Girl's Homecoming, former New York attorney Megan Jennings struggled to find a temporary home for sixteen displaced pets, but finally found the perfect place for them at a farm. Sadly, Cade Battle isn't being quite as kind to Megan. She once broke his heart and now he's reluctant to trust her again. Megan was orphaned as a teen and has been looking for her forever family for years, and she thinks she's finally found it. Will Cade come to believe it too?

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6. Charlie Dickerson & Pip Atkins series by Mardi Alexander and Laurie Eichler


The first novel in Mardi Alexander and Laurie Eichler's Charlie Dickerson & Pip Atkins series follows a woman named Charlie who, after a painful breakup, decides travel is the perfect way to get away from painful memories. She signs up for a wildlife rescue exchange program on the other side of the world in Australia. Pip Atkins isn't exactly a people person, but her connection to animals is a different story. She gets assigned to shadow an American wildlife carer on a work exchange for the next twelve months and, if she's being honest, it sounds like hell. However, along the way Charlie and Pip manage to find a middle ground, discovering they actually have a lot more in common than they ever would have thought.

Get the Charlie Dickerson & Pip Atkins series here.

7. The Long Hot Summer by Rochelle Alers


Between his young son and his family legacy, veterinarian Ryan Blackstone had a lot on his plate, too much for dating. The chip on his shoulder doesn't help either. But then Kelly Andrew's takes a job at his family's Blackstone stud farm and he's reconsidering his personal ban on dating. Kelly's husband passed and she plans to remain faithful to his memory. Meeting Ryan makes her start to wonder if it's okay to start over as the passion between them grows.

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8. Shelter Me by Catherine Mann


When Staff Sergeant Mike Kowalski gets home from Iraq in Catherine Mann's Shelter Me, the only thing he wants to do is sleep on clean sheets. But before he can do that, he must take Trooper, his fallen commander's dog, home to his family. Sierra McDaniel's life consists of dealing with her rambunctious family, cleaning out dog kennels, and making her way through grad school. The last thing she needs is another dog, a dog that reminds her of the father she lost. But there's something about Mike and soon he's living on the ranch helping out. And maybe he'll get a second chance with Sierra.

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9. Unscripted Love by Aimee Walker


In Aimee Walker's Unscripted Love, Kyle Vaughn has always had just three goals in life: to become a veterinarian, fall in love, and to start a family. He's already become a vet and taken over his grandfather's practice, but falling in love has been a bit trickier. Despite having a bestselling book, Chaz Hamilton hasn't exactly been able to quit his day job. A workaholic, the most action Chaz has gotten in ages is what he writes in his novels. Then Kyle and Chaz end up sharing a kiss beneath fireworks and it seems like their luck has finally changed. But Chaz has a secret that could threaten their relationship.

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