These Are the Best Zombie Books That Will Scare Your Socks Off!

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Zombies are synonymous with Halloween!

Frightening Zombie Books

Of all the supernatural monsters, zombies ride the top of the list! What's scarier than everyone you know transforming into mindless horrors that desperately want to eat your brains? There are tons of different zombie books and series out there, but gathered eight of our favorites for you to enjoy!

With the popularity of The Walking Dead, the Resident Evil movies, and the classic Night of the Living Dead, it isn't surprising a lot of books about zombies have made their way into all forms of pop culture. While movies can be visually frightening, there's something about books that manage to get into your psyche and make for a truly horrifying experience!

Descend into spooky books about the undead. Just make sure you sleep with the lights on!

1. Newsflash series by Mira Grant


By 2014, cancer was cured and the common cold was eliminated. But these advances in science created something worse, something deadly. The virus roamed the land, overtaking much of humanity. Twenty years have passed, United States is a changed place, and twins Georgia and Shaun Mason are onto something big, a dark truth that may just kill them in the end.

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2. The End by M. Rose Flores


Cate Mortensen's seventeenth birthday because a nightmare when she and her family are thrust into the fight for their lives. They phones they once relied on are now useless and they are forced to learn to scavenge for food and to fight for their own survival. Cate plans to get to Alcatraz where she and her family planned to meet up, but along the way, she discovers she may be immune to the infection.

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3. The Hallowed Ones by Laura Bickle


Ever heard of an Amish zombie book? No? That's just one reason why The Hallowed Ones is so fun! Just before her Rumspringa, Katie's village elders establish a new rule: "No one goes outside, and no outsiders come in." There have been terrible rumors in the village of something happening in the outside world. Something deadly. The only way to protect themselves is to isolate. However, Katie finds an injured man and, unable to leave him to die, smuggles him into her family's barn to care for, setting off a chain reaction she can't take back.

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4. Dread Nation by Justina Ireland


The fate of the United States is changed forever when the dead begin to rise from the battlefields of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, completely derailing the Civil War. Piggybacking off of the institution of slavery, the Native and Negro Education Act required Native American and Black children to attend certain schools to learn to kill the walking dead. Jane is nearly done with her training as an Attendant and winds up in the middle of a conspiracy even worse than the zombies. Sequel novel Deathless Divide will be released February 4, 2020.

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5. The Eva Series by Jen Wilde


Author of beloved books like Queens of Geek and The Brightsiders, author Jen Wilde has a zombie series you'll love! The Eva Series follows Eva, a teen girl whose biggest concerns were her job as a waitress and her love life. Then a mysterious virus turned most of the population into zombies across Australia, a nation cut off from the rest of the world.

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6. Eternal Dead series by Joelle Sterling


The Eternal Dead series by Joelle Sterling has a little bit of everything: zombies, vampires, and witches! Teenager Holland Manning is the daughter of a witch and, after asking her mom for a spell that goes awry, a portal opens and releases dark forces into the world. Jonas has made a dangerous journey from Haiti to Miami, seeing a better life. Just as Jonas realizes he may no longer be human, Holland comes into her own powers. The two team up to save the residents of Frombleton, GA from what's sure to be certain death.

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7. Cell by Stephen King


Stephen King's Cell is truly a horror story for the modern age. Artist and Boston-native Clayton Riddell has just landed a comic book deal that will change both his and his family's lives. He's walking down the street to find nice gifts for his wife and son when the world world descends into hell after something called The Pulse turns people into raging zombies. After that, it's a race for survival and, perhaps, sanctuary.

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8. Dead World series by Joe McKinney


Joe McKinney's Dead World series is the tragic tale of the state of Texas descending into chaos after five cataclysmic hurricanes hitting the state in just three weeks. Thousands have died and soon a virus spreads through the state, making the dead rise seeking human flesh. A police officer in San Antonio, Eddie Hudson and a group of survivors must fight for their lives.

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