18 Avocado Puns for Your Next Instagram Caption

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Check out these punny avocado Instagram captions!

Best Avocado Puns for Instagram Captions

Somehow or another, avocados have become the quintessential food of Millennials everywhere and the butt of a lot of jokes. While we aren't touching the ins and outs of Boomer beef with avocados, the do make great puns, so we made a list of 18 avocado Instagram caption puns.

Whether avocado on toast is your favorite food, think that guacamole is God's gift to cuisine, or just enjoy have a few puns up your sleeve, you can't go wrong with this list of 18 different avocado Instagram captions! It will be sure to spruce up any an all future avocado-related posts!

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Cute Avocado Captions for Insta

• Let's avo-cuddle!

• Rock out with your guac out.

• Everything I avo wanted.

• This guacs my world.   

Funny Avocado Instagram Captions

• You have guac to be kidding me.

• What is a priest's favorite food? Holy guacamole!

• I'm avocontrol.

• Back that Hass up.

• Don't worry avo it!

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Hilarious Avocado Pun Instagram Captions

• Avo great birthday!

• I've hit guac bottom.

• I just want to avo good time!

• Things are about to get guacward.   

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Good Avocado Toast Instagram Captions

• Guac ‘n roll!

• This is avocado this world!

• Thanks for being my other half.

• You can kiss my Hass.

• Zero guacs given.