Read These Cozy Romance Books This Autumn

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Fall into a great romance!

Romance Books You'll Love to Read In the Fall

In the Northwestern part of the world, autumn is here! For many places, that means changing leaves, the harvest, and chilly nights. If you're in the mood for romance novels to reflect the atmosphere, we've rounded up 10 autumn romance novels to enjoy!

This time of year is perfect for wearing your favorite cozy sweater, snuggling up in a blanket, and lounging in front of the fire. It's also the perfect season to break out all the books you've been meaning to read all year! We have a few to add to your reading list you're sure to enjoy, all primed with a fun fall romance!

1. Autumn Chill in Utah Springs by RaeAnne Thayne


While Autumn Chill in Utah Springs is a little less cozy given a missing child is involved, it's still set in autumn so I decided to include it. FBI special agent Caleb Davis gets sent to help find Megan Vance's young son and can't help but fall for the worried mother. After he does bring Megan's son home, he becomes determined to find a way to win her heart.

Get Autumn Chill in Utah Springs here.

2. It Happened One Autumn by Lisa Kleypas


Lisa Kleypas is a VIP in the historical romance genre, and she just so happens to have a novel perfect for autumn! Lillian Bowman is a strong-willed American heiress who heads to England to secure herself a husband. The problem is that few men alive is strong enough to complement her. That's were the Earl of Westcliff comes in, an arrogant man who Lillian loathes. A chance encounter allows Lillian to see beneath Marcus' surface. That's before a sinister plot and a betrayal puts Lillian's life in danger.

Get It Happened One Autumn here.

3. Falling for Autumn by Sherelle Green


Autumn Dupree is the co-owner of an upscale lingerie boutique that "caters to women's intimate fantasies." However, she isn't much of believer in happily-ever-after despite wanting to. She agrees to be the maid of honor in her sister's wedding, but is dismayed when the best man turns out to be Ajay Reed, the irresistible bachelor in Chicago. He manages to awaken feelings she thought long dead, while Ajay finds himself smitten. Will he be able to break through Autumn's barriers and show her true love actually exists?

Get Falling for Autumn here.

4. Until September by Chris Scully


Archer Noble endured a painful childhood growing up on the reservation, but has since left that life behind him, changing his name and reinventing himself as "an outspoken blogger and controversial author who only lives for himself." Ryan Eriksson, an elementary school teacher, loses his best friend, which leaves her two kids orphaned. Archer is the uncle of the kids. Archer and Ryan make a deal come up with a plan to temporarily parent the two children together, falling for each other along the way.

Get Until September here.

5. Autumn's Light by Aurora Rey


Mat Pero is a fifth-generation Portuguese lobster-woman, but she feels torn between her traditional family and Provincetown's lesbian community.While Graham Connor hasn't been on a date in more than a year, she's still a hapless romantic. With plans to have a bit of fun, Mat is happy to help her. However, what was supposed to be casual hookups because "romantic dinners and meeting the family." Will Mat be able to get over her heartbreak? Will Graham be willing to wait for her?

Get Autumn's Light here.

6. A Match Made for Thanksgiving by Jackie Lau


The first novel in Jackie Lau's Holidays with the Wongs series, A Match Made for Thanksgiving follows Nick Wong, a Toronto advertising executive, and Lily Tseng, Nick's recent one-night stand. Nick is a playboy known for partying, but this Thanksgiving, he's the victim of his meddling family who desperately want another family wedding. They invite blind dates for their four kids, and their son Greg just so happens to get set up with Lily. While Nick has never wanted to settle down, Lily has him reconsidering.

Get A Match Made for Thanksgiving here.

7. Once Upon a Highland Autumn by Lecia Cornwall


Megan McNabb does not to marry a man she doesn't love and will even enter a temporary and mutually beneficial marriage with Lord Kit Rossington. Women have been relentlessly pursuing Kit and finds a temporary marriage with Megan a perfect solution. It will also allow him the freedom to pursue a "mystery that's haunted Glen Dorian for almost a century." Budding love between Megan and Kit may just be able to bring peace to the cursed castle.

Get Once Upon a Highland Autumn here

8. Autumn Kisses by Té Russ


Rowan Hunter's editor sends him to a beach cottage in Martha's Vineyard when his writer's block seems to stretch forever. He's determined relax, hoping it'll help cure what ails him. The world knows her as jazz singer Sapphire Woods, but to her small hometown, she's just Laurel Asher. She returns home to take some time off. A mix up places Laurel and Rowan in the same house, and it doesn't take long for sparks to fly.

Get Autumn Kisses here.

9. Autumn Spring by Shelley Thrasher


Both Linda Morton and Bree Principal have always sacrificed themselves for their families and careers. When Bree returns home in East Texas, she finally acknowledges the feelings she's hidden. Linda lives out and proud. Will the two women be able to embrace the lives they've always wanted?

Get Autumn Spring here.

10. Autumn Lover by Elizabeth Lowell


Elyssa Sutton comes back to her Wyoming ranch after the Civil War and finds it "picked bare by scavengers and coveted by determined men." She's determined to keep her home and enlists Hunter Maxwell, a man who lives for revenge against the raiders who killed his family. Together, they may just be able to find something they both lost along the way.

Get Autumn Lover here.

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