Some of the Best Audiobooks to Listen to on Audible Escape

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Find your next favorite audiobook through Audible Escape!

You're probably heard of Audible, the popular audiobook subscription service. For as great as Audible is, we're going to talk about Audible Escape, including recommendations some of the best Audible Escape audiobooks by popular category!

So what is Audible Escape? If you're familiar with Kindle Unlimited, it's similar to that. For a monthly fee, you're able to listen to as many romance books that are part of Audible Escape as you want! If you're a big fan of romance audiobooks, it is an amazing plan for you.

If you subscribe to Kindle Unlimited, Audible Gold, or Audible Platinum, Audible Escape only costs $6.95 a month. Otherwise, Audible Escape is $12.95 a month. And when you sign up, you get your first 30 days free!

Some of the fun features of Audible Escape include a great breakdown by category (small town, Regency, Young Adult, etc.), character type, and theme. You're also able to pick a book based on your mood. They also have a podcast called Audicted to Romance by the romance editors!

I've only subscribed to Audible Escape for a short time, but I've already listened to a ton of great books. Do you think you'll subscribe?



Audible defines their contemporary audiobooks as "set in modern times, these stories run the gamut from light to suspenseful." Here are a few of our recommendations!

A Girl Like Her by Talia Hibbert

River Wild

A Stone in the Sea by A.L. Jackson



Audible Escape divides their historical into smaller categories, such as Victorian, Regency, Medieval, and more. Give a listen to these:

The Heiress Effect by Courtney Milan

Vivid by Beverly Jenkins

An Unseen Attraction by K.J. Charles



Lovely audiobooks that "transcend tropes and center on lesbian, gay, bi, transgender, queer, intersex, and asexual experiences." Give a listen to these:

Homestead by Radclyffe

Making It Personal by K.C. Wells

French Summer by Lise Gold

Urban Fantasy


Called magic on Audible Escape, it's described as covering "love potions to evil curses, magic casts a powerful spell over lovers in these romances."

Sterling by Dannika Dark

Angels' Blood by Nalini Singh

Gifted Thief by Helen Harper

Thriller and Suspense


Romantic suspense and thrillers on Audible Escape pose the question: "How can you make time for love when it's a race against the clock?"

The Object of His Protection by Brenda Jackson

Whispered Lies by Kathleen Brooks

Half Past Dead by Meryl Sawyer



If "steamy sex, passionate nights, and erotic words whispered under the sheets" are up your alley, these erotica and erotic romance may be worth checking out!

Forbidden by CD Reiss


Watch Me by Shayla Black and Shelley Bradley

Science Fiction


Science fiction falls under a few different categories, such as time travel, galactic, and dystopian. Give these a listen!

Sky Riders by Fae Sutherland

Dawn of Eden by Julie Kagawa

Paradox Lost by Libby Drew

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