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Are you too smart? Only one way to find out.

How well do you know these general knowledge trivia questions? Can you pass this quiz? Answer these general knowledge questions to find out ASAP!

 Feb 06, 2021

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Which coffee roast actually has the most caffeine?
Dark roast
Medium roast
Blonde roast

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From the members of the Teen Titans, who later becomes the Flash?
Garfield Logan
Wally West
Victor Stone

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___ cats are actually predominantly female.

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Out of these three spices, which one isn't typically found in curry?
Cayenne pepper

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All are types of daffodils besides ___.

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Out of these three U.S. cities, ___ has the highest population.
San Diego

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Did you know ___ created the cotton gin?
Johannes Gutenberg
Alan Turing
Eli Whitney

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Which skin ingredient is sourced from shark liver?

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In the Grimm fairy tale, what is the name of Snow White's sister?
Rose Red
Lilac Lily
Blue Bird

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How many chambers does a heart have?

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A sheep was cloned in 1996. What was her name?

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Austria's capital is:

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Mickey Mouse was not Walt Disney's first character. Who was it?
Oswald the Rabbit
Willy the Walrus
Peter the Dog

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Which country gifted the U.S. with the Statue of Liberty?

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There are tons of different kinds of pasta. Which type resembles a wagon wheel?

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Which country produces the most coffee?

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Smoke on the Water is a classic. Which band sings it?
Deep Purple
Jumping Purple
Purple Haze

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What is the tallest breed of dog in the world?
German Shepherd
Great Dane
Siberian Husky
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