Quiz: Only Medical Students Can Ace This Medical Test. Can You?

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Only people with medical knowledge can pass this test. Test your memory and see if you are one of them!

 Jan 27, 2018

1 of 15Pick the correct answer!

The doctors push one of epi when the patient ___.
Is in cardiac arrest
In a coma
Is about to undergo surgery

2 of 15Pick the correct answer!

What diease causes someone to lose memory?

3 of 15Pick the correct answer!

Code Blue means __.
The patient is bleeding out
The patient needs resuscitation
There's a fire

4 of 15Pick the correct answer!

What part of the body is affected when V-Fib occurs?

5 of 15Pick the correct answer!

Which blood type is universal?

6 of 15Pick the correct answer!

What instrument is used to make a small incision?
10 - Blade
A bone saw

7 of 15Pick the correct answer!

What speciality takes care of your heart?

8 of 15Pick the correct answer!

What must someone do before entering the OR?
Talk to a patients family
Call Dr. Bailey
Scrub in

9 of 15Pick the correct answer!

What is a CT scan used for?
To take an image of bones
To take an image of organs
To test blood

10 of 15Pick the correct answer!

Never ever
Cut a LVAD wire
Attempt to resuscitate a DNR patient
Do either of those

11 of 15Pick your answer!

What is the definition of hemorrhage?
A tear of a ligament
Trauma to the head
Bleeding or blood loss

12 of 15Pick your answer!

Skin is the _________ organ of the body.

13 of 15Pick your answer!

How many bones does the average adult have in their body?

14 of 15Pick your answer!

IV is the abbreviation for __________.
"intra vascular"
"in vitro"

15 of 15Pick your answer!

Which of the following is NOT considered a vital sign?
Reaction time
Body temperature
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