Quiz: How Well Do You Really Know The 2018 Superbowl Champs?

Nick Foles, Eagles, superbowl, football, kc

Show us you're a real Eagles fan by getting a 100% on this quiz. If you don't we'll just assume you're a Patriots fan...

A quiz on the players of the 2018 Superbowl team, the Philidelphia Eagles. Can you get them all? Are you a real fan?

 Feb 06, 2018

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Nick Foles, Eagles, superbowl, football, kc
Tom Brady
Nick Foles
Russell Wilson

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Carson wentz, Eagles, football, superbowl, kc
Eli Manning
Carson Wentz
Phillip Rivers

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Ashlon Jeffery, Eagles, football, kc
Drew Brees
Ashlon Jeffery
Carson Palmer

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Malcolm Jenkins, Eagles, football, kc
Wikimedia Commons
Malcolm Jenkins
Julio Jones
Antonio Brown

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Torrey Smith, Eagles, football, kc
Wikimedia Commons
Robert Blanton
Toryan Smith
Torrey Smith

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Brent Celek, Eagles, football, kc
Wikimedia Commons
Aaron Rodgers
Matt Ryan
Brent Celek

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Brandon Graham, kc, Eagles, football
Wikimedia Commons
LeGarrett Blount
Brandon Graham
Dak Prescott

8 of 17Pick your answer!

Zach ertz, kc, Eagles, football
Zach Ertz
Eric Berry
A.J. Green

9 of 17Pick your answer!

Jason Peters, kc, Eagles, football
Wikimedia Commons
Jason Peters
LeSean McCoy
Tyron Smith

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Nelson Agholor, kc, Eagles, football
Nelson Agholor
Travis Kelce
Marcus Peters

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jay ajayi, Eagles, kc, football
Jay Ajayi
Vic Beasley
Aqib Talib

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lagarrette blount, Eagles, football, kc
Jarvis Landry
Trent Williams
Lagarrette Blount

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Jason Kelce, kc, football, Eagles
Wikimedia Commons
Zack Martin
Jordy Nelson
Jason Kelce

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Lane Johnson, Eagles, football, kc
Wikimedia Commons
Lane Johnson
Greg Olsen
Casey Hayward

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Fletcher Cox, Eagles, football, kc
Fletcher Cox
Geno Atkins
Harrison Smith

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Alshon Jeffery, Eagles, football, kc
Sean Lee
Alshon Jeffery
Jurrell Casey

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Doug Pederson, kc, football, Eagles, coach
Wikimedia Commons
Lane Kiffin
Charlie Weis
Doug Pederson
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