Quiz: Can You Answer These 16 Questions Every Astros Fan Should Know?

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Calling all Houston Astros fans!!

Calling all baseball fans for the ultimate challenging quiz on Houston Astros baseball team!!! Take me out to the ball game and take this quiz!!!

 Oct 31, 2017
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Where did the Houston Astros play their 2005 home games?
Minute Maid Park
Le Centre Molson
Arrowhead Stadium
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What do the Houston Astros use as their logo?
A Red Star
A Red Moon
A Red Comet
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Who was the first Houston Astros player to win the National League Most Valuable Player award?
Jose Cruz
Jeff Bagwell
Jimmy Wynn
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The Houston Astros mascot named Junction Jack is what type of animal?
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What was the original name for the Houston Astrodome?
Harris County Domed Stadium
The Palladium
Houston Dome
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The Houston Astros' team motto is "The Return of the..."?
Amazing Guys
Bad Guys
Good Guys
7 of 16Pick your answer!
Who led the 2004 Astros in home runs?
Barry Bonds
Phil Nevin
Lance Berkman
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What are the official team colors of the Houston Astros?
Navy Blue, Orange, and White
Red and Black
Orange and White
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The Houston Astrodome was the first Domed baseball stadium ?
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The original name of the Houston Astros was
Houston Colt 45's
Houston Ramblers
Houston Hot Shots
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Which of the following players do not play first base ?
Lance Berkman
Morgan Einsberg
Mike Lamb
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How many world series games have the Astros played in ?
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How many flag poles are there in center field ?
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Who was the first baseball player to hit a home run in Minute Maid Park?
Sammy Sosa
Scott Rolen
Richard Hidalgo
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What is the AAA affiliate of the Houston Astros?
Fresno Grizzlies
Sacramento River Cats
Reno Aces
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Who did the Houston Astros name as their manager in 2015?
Phil Garner
Kirk Gibson
A. J. Hinch
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