Quiz: 90% Of People Can't Pass This Historical Trivia Test. Can You?

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Are you a historical trivia wiz? Let's see if you can pass this extremely difficult test with flying colors!

Take this test to see how much historical trivia you know! 90% of people fail. Will you be apart of the 10% that pass?

 Oct 24, 2017
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Who was the first president to live in the White House?
John Adams
George Washington
Thomas Jefferson
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What does NATO stand for?
North Atlantic Treaty Operation
National Alliance Team Operation
North America Together Overseas
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Who did John F. Kennedy defeat in the US Presidential election in 1960?
Martin Luther King Jr.
RIchard Nixon
Christian Barnard
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Who was the first man to set foot on the moon?
Jackie Robinson
Neil Armstrong
Allen Breed
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What did the 19th Amendment do?
Gave women the right to vote
Gave the freedom of speech
Gave the right to bear arms
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What is the first name of the famous playwright known as Shakespeare?
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Who was the first woman to successfully pilot an aircraft across the Atlantic Ocean?
Sally Ride
Princess Diana
Amelia Earhart
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Which popular music band broke up in 1970?
The Rollingstones
The Beatles
The Police
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The Watergate scandal is associated with which president?
Richard Nixon
Bill Clinton
John F. Kennedy
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Who developed the first successful printing press?
Johannes Gutenburg
Benjamin Franklin
Sir Isaac Newton
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Who perfected the light bulb?
Thomas Jefferson
Albert Einstein
Thomas Edison
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How many colonies was the United States originally?
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Who famously refused to give up their seat on the bus?
Rosa Parks
Jane Goodall
Janet Jackson
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______________ is the United States national anthem.
"The Star-Spangled Banner"
"America the Beautiful"
Party in the USA!
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Where was the first ancient olympics held?
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The Hundred Years Was was fought between France and ________.
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When is America's birthday?
June 4, 1778
January 4, 1774
July 4, 1776
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