Quiz: You'll Only Get 15/20 On This If You Graduated Top Of Your Class


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You will only get 10/15 on this general knowledge quiz if you graduated top of your class! Let's see if you fall into that category!

 Nov 08, 2017
1 of 19Pick one!
If you see an apparition, you’ve seen a
Theater play
type of house
2 of 19Pick one!
You got chastised because you:
Did something well
Did something wrong
Did something really funny
3 of 19Pick one!
Something that is indisputable is:
Unable to be challenged
Incredibly mean
4 of 19Pick one!
Pathos encourages:
5 of 19Pick one!
Which is Larger: 50% or Five Eighths?
Five Eighths
6 of 19Pick one!
Force changes an object’s:
7 of 19Pick one!
Which Ocean Surrounds the Maldives
Atlantic Ocean
Indian Ocean
Artic Ocean
8 of 19Pick one!
Which is not a form of government?
Military junta
9 of 19Pick one!
Which is a famous Supreme Court case?
Miranda v. Lebron
Monica v. D.C.
Roe v. Wade
10 of 19Pick one!
The US Federal Government Gets It's Money From:
Personal income tax
State sales tax
11 of 19Pick one!
The Federal Reserve cannot:
Set the interest rate
Declare War
Regulate banks
12 of 19Pick one!
What is Physics?
The study of society
The study of living organisms
The study of matter and its motion
13 of 19Pick one!
Which of the following countries were not a part of the Soviet Union:
14 of 19Pick one!
Which government official is not elected by the general public?
Supreme Court Justice
15 of 19Pick one!
Jennifer has 2 skirts, 3 tops, and 3 pairs of shoes. How many outfits can she make?
16 of 19Pick one!
Which of the following are the primary colors of light?
White, Black, Beige
Red, yellow, blue
Green, Purple, Yellow
17 of 19Pick one!
Which US president(s) has been impeached?
Ronald Reagan
George W. Bush
Richard Nixon
18 of 19Pick one!
What are the 4 states of matter?
Solid, Liquid, Gas, 6th Sense
Crystals, Gas, Ghosts, Kardashians
Solid, Liquid, Gas, Plasma
19 of 19Pick one!
How many layers of the earth are there?
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