Quiz: You Can Only Call Yourself An 80s Music Superfan If You Get 10/15

80s movies, ps

You can only call yourself an 80s baby if you pass this quiz. Seriously, you'll have to give up that title if you fail.

Can you answer these tricky questions about the '80s? Only a real 80s fan can pass this test, so good luck.

 Oct 28, 2017
1 of 15Pick one!
On November 17, 1981, approximately 30 million Americans turned on their televisions to watch which couple get married?
Prince Charles and Diana Spencer
Princess Anne and Mark Phillips
Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson
2 of 15Pick one!
Which of these is one of the names of the ghosts on Pac-Man?
3 of 15Pick one!
Michael Moore's 1989 documentary "Roger & Me" largely focuses on the economic troubles facing which industrial city that was also his birthplace?
Flint, Minnesota
Sacramento, California
4 of 15Pick one!
Which Michael Jackson song is from the album "Thriller"?
Girls Just Want To Have Fun
Human Nature
Billy Jean
5 of 15Pick one!
Complete the lyrics: "Muppet Babies, we make our dreams come true…"
"Muppet Babies, we’re always here for you."
"Muppet Babies, we'll do the same for you."
6 of 15Pick one!
What was the name of Punky Brewster’s dog?
7 of 15Pick one!
Name the substitute teacher in the book "Miss Nelson is Missing!"
Mrs Nancy P
Miss Brookstone
Miss Viola Swamp
8 of 15Pick one!
Daryll __________ and John __________ ?
Oats, Hawl
Jean, Parker
Hall, Oats
9 of 15Pick one!
What is the name of the oldest child on “The Cosby Show”?
10 of 15Pick one!
What was Jolt?
A Jenga-style game that was set on a moving board with a timer.
An energy drink
The coolest t-shirt
11 of 15Pick one!
What toy did E.T. use as part of his makeshift communicator to "phone home" with?
Rubix cube
Speak and spell
12 of 15Pick one!
What injury did Olympian Greg Louganis sustain at the 1988 Seoul Games?
Broke his back on the diving board
Cracked his head on the diving board
Broke the diving board
13 of 15Pick one!
Which of these Madonna albums came out first?
"Like a Prayer"
"True Blue"
14 of 15Pick one!
Which one of these films is NOT an ‘80s movie?
“Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead”
The Breakfast Club
15 of 15Pick one!
Freaky Freezies were…
Snow boots
Monster-shaped popsicles.
A milkshake that was known to give brain freezes
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