Quiz: What Job In The White House Should You Actually Have?

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Are you our next Commander In Chief?

An interactive personality quiz where you will learn if you're the chef, portrait painter, or President in the White House!

 Oct 28, 2017
1 of 15Pick one!
What is your favorite color?
Butternut squash orange
Apple red
Seaside blue
2 of 15Pick one!
What is the capital of Maryland?
Ocean City
3 of 15Pick one!
How many stars are on the American flag?
4 of 15Pick one!
What is the best drink to consume when stressed?
Chamomile tea
Room temperature water
Red wine
5 of 15Pick one!
What era of history did you enjoy learning?
The American Revolution
The Roman Empire
The Baroque period
6 of 15Pick one!
If you had one tool you could take with you in the wild, what would it be?
Camouflage & netting to avoid capture
A pocket knife, to whittle other tools
A knife, to hunt & cook
7 of 15Pick one!
What is your favorite type of food?
Tikki masala & samosas
Burgers & fries
Spaghetti sauce in red wine reduction
8 of 15Pick one!
Where do you like to shop for clothes?
Thrift Stores
American Eagle Outfitters
9 of 15Pick one!
Choose your dream car!
Jeep Wrangler
1966 Mustang
Ford Explorer
10 of 15Pick one!
What would your First Lady fight for?
After school activities for children
Women's reproductive health
Sustainable farming & urban development
11 of 15Pick one!
What song would play at your inauguration?
Imagine by The Beatles
Peaches by Presidents of the United States of America
Courtesy of the Red, White, and Blue by Toby Keith
12 of 15Pick one!
If you had a pet dog, which breed would you want?
Labrador retriever
French bulldog
Any guy from the pound!
13 of 15Pick one!
Where would you retire to?
Aspen, Colorado
New Orleans, Louisiana
Palm Springs, California
14 of 15Pick one!
Who is your Vice President?
Yoko Ono
Oprah Winfrey
Bobby Flay
15 of 15Pick one!
What is the greatest threat to America?
Complex carbohydrates
Copyright infringement
Kim Jong-un
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