Quiz: This 15 Question Grammar Test Is Driving The Internet Wild

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Think you can pass this grammar test challenge? Willing to place some BETS?!

A fun and informative grammar test challenge with 16 engaging questions that are perfect for the know-it-all in your life.

 Oct 28, 2017

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I'm bringing _______ pie and mashed potatoes to the house over ______ .
their, there
They're, their
their, they're.

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Which of these is grammatically incorrect?
Different then
Different to
Different from

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Which of these is correct?
The California poppy is the best flower.
The Californian Poppy is the best flower.

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Which of these is a grammatically incorrect phrase?
A path well worth the walk
A book well worth the read.
A pizza well worth the eat.

5 of 15Pick one!

Why is it "Ben and Jerry's" instead of "Ben's and Jerry's" ?
It's a compound possession- only one apostrophe is needed
Jerry technically is the only possessor of the ice cream

6 of 15Pick one!

Which of these sentences is grammatically correct?
Do you see who I see?
Do you see who'all I'm see?
Do you see whom I see?

7 of 15Pick one!

"That was a near miss." What part of speech is "near"?

8 of 15Pick one!

Which of these sentences is grammatically correct?
He had fewer men than in the previous campaign
He had less men than in the previous campaign

9 of 15Pick one!

"Come and sit near me." What part of speech is "near"?
A preposition

10 of 15Pick one!

Which of these sentences is grammatically correct?
"Are you happy with the idea of my teaching you grammar?"
"Are you happy with the idea of me teaching you grammar?"

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"I should like to introduce you to my sister Amanda, who lives in New York, to Mark, my brother who doesn't, and to my only other sibling, Evelyn."
Impossible to know, because Evelyn isn't gendered in the sentence
Evelyn is a girl
Evelyn is a boy

12 of 15Pick one!

Find the adjective: "This haircut is very short."

13 of 15Pick one!

A noun is a:
Person, place, or thing
a descriptor word
an action

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"The baby is in ____ stroller"

15 of 15Pick one!

Mary and ____ are skipping in the park.
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