Quiz: People Who Get 15/15 On This Science Quiz Are Actually Geniuses

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Science is simply the word we use to describe a method of organizing our curiosity.

See if you can pass this basic science quiz! Only true scientific geniuses are able to prove their smarts and pass this test!

 Jun 25, 2017

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Which layer of the earth is the hottest?
Inner Core

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What is the biggest planet in our solar system?
The Moon

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What happens when you mix vinegar and baking soda?
It explodes!
It burns a hole in its container

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What is the name of the closest star to earth?
Angie's Star

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How long does it take for the Earth to rotate the Sun?
400 years
One year
A second

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True or False? It is the father's gene that decides whether the baby is a boy or a girl.

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What is the chemical symbol for the element oxygen?

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Another name for a tidal wave is a?
Force Flash
Water Giant

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What is the name of the long appendage that hangs from an elephants face?

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The highest mountain on earth is?
Mount Diablo
Mount Everest
Grand Rapids

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The fear of what animal is known as ‘arachnophobia'?

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How many bones do sharks have in their bodies?
1 million

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What famous scientist was awarded the 1921 Nobel Prize in Physics for his work on theoretical physics?
Steve Jobs
Albert Einstein
George Washington

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What is the name of the part of the human skeleton which protects our brain?

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True or false? Frogs are cold blooded animals.
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