Quiz: Can You Answer These 22 Questions Without Calling Your Mom For Help?


Don't call your mama....

Can you finish this twenty-two question long quiz challenging you on everyday difficulties that only someone with extreme common knowledge can pass!

 Nov 16, 2017
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What medicine might you take for a headache?
2 of 22Pick one!
How should you test the temperature of baby's formula?
Just give it to the baby, its fine
Drink some
Sprinkle some on your wrist
3 of 22Pick one!
Should you boil hot water or cold water?
4 of 22Pick one!
About how many hours of sleep is recommended for adults?
At least 10 hours
5-6 hours
7-9 hours
5 of 22Pick one!
How do you get rid of tomato-based stains?
hydrogen peroxide
JUST use laundry detergent!
Vinegar and water
6 of 22Pick one!
Leftovers kept in the fridge should be thrown away after how many days?
24 hours
3-4 days
9-10 days
7 of 22Pick one!
How should you wash bright colored clothing?
COLD water
It really doesn't matter
The hottest water around
8 of 22Pick one!
If you consume raw meats, you are at risk of contracting...
9 of 22Pick one!
What can you add to scrambled eggs to make them light and fluffy?
10 of 22Pick one!
What month is Mother's Day?
11 of 22Pick one!
Coupons never expire at...
Bed Bath & Beyond
12 of 22Pick one!
If you have a sore throat, what is best?
Lemon and honey
Staying awake, sleep is not good
13 of 22Pick one!
What should you do with a minor burn?
Peel off the burned skin
Put ice on it immediately
Soak it in cool water
14 of 22Pick one!
How hot should the oven be when cooking chicken?
15 of 22Pick one!
You should avoid eating ____ before bed because it can cause nightmares!
16 of 22Pick one!
What takes out a red wine stain?
Soda water
17 of 22Pick one!
What can you put in your refrigerator to keep it fresh?
A bowl of soap
A box of Baking Soda
A cut up lemon
18 of 22Pick one!
What is the average human body temperature?
19 of 22Pick one!
If you have a bloody nose ....
... pinch your nose and lean backward
... pinch your nose and lean forward
20 of 22Pick one!
What's a good credit score?
21 of 22Pick one!
Which is smaller?
1 Teaspoon
1 Tablespoon
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If you are lactose intolerant, you can't eat ___________ ?
ice cream
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