Here's How To Fix It If WhatsApp Isn't Working On Your iPad

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WhatsApp has made messaging so much easier, especially internationally! But because so much emphasis has been put on computers and mobile devices, there may be some glitches when it comes to tablet technology. Is your WhatsApp not working on iPad? Here's how to fix the problem!

How To Fix WhatsApp On iPad


Here are some steps to try if WhatsApp isn't working on your iPad.

  • Make sure you are using the latest version of the WhatsApp

  • Restart your iPad

  • Toggle On/Off your airplane settings to reset

  • Reset Network Settings on your iPhone: Settings → General → Reset → Reset Network Settings (note that this will delete all your Wi-fi passwords)

WhatsApp Still Not Working On iPad? Here's How To Fix

If WhatsApp STILL won't work on your iPad, you will need to dive deeper into troubleshooting.

  • First, make sure that you are connected to a working WiFi network. WhatsApp relies almost completely on a wireless connection, so if your iPad is not connected correctly, it will not work.

  • Next, try logging off and back on to your WhatsApp account. This will help give your application a little "restart."

  • As a last resort, you will need to delete the application and download it again. Again, make sure your WiFi connection is strong!

By now, your WhatsApp should be back working on your iPad! If you have more WhatsApp questions, be sure to check out their help center.