Does Facebook Notify When You Save A Photo? | 2017

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Does Facebook notify you when you save a photo? 2017 update!

Does Facebook Notify When You Save A Photo? | 2017

We've all been there... one of our friends posts an adorable photo of you and you want to save it, or someone you just kind of know, posts an awesome photo of their dinner that you want to replicate. But it would be so awkward if they found out that you were saving their photos! So, does Facebook notify when you save a photo? Here is your answer to whether or not Facebook notifies when you save a photo.

Does someone know if you save their Facebook photo?

For the time being, there is no notification service that Facebook offers that will tell someone if you save their photos. THANK god! You can go screenshot and save all you want, without it ever getting weird. Or you can continue to wonder who is out there saving your photos.

Is There An App To Tell If Someone Is Saving Your Photos?

Right now, there is no official app service that can tell you who is saving your photos. But there are rumors out there that apps like WhatsApp is creating a notification to tell you! So who knows? Maybe soon enough you'll find out how many people are saving your photos!

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