The 13 Absolute Worst Places For People With Social Anxiety

Avoid these places like the plague.

For most people, going out in public isn't a big deal. But, if you have social anxiety any situation that calls for interacting with people might give you a full-fledged heart attack.

Sometimes, people with social anxiety might seem more agoraphobic than anything else, because they rather stay in than risk running into anyone. But if you do venture out, the places on this list are probably the worst places you can go:

1. The Mall

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The. Mall. Is. Pure. Hell. It is especially a nightmare if you go around Christmas time.

There are swarms of people, and for someone with social anxiety, this can be unbearable. Trying to avoid the guys at the kiosks offering you hand lotions feels like you're about to have a stroke.

Oh, and the sales people who just won't leave you alone make you want to run back to your house and hide under the covers.

2. The Bar

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Sometimes you can feel the loneliest in a room of crowded people, especially if that room is filled with drunk people. Trying to get the bartender's attention is excruciating. If you have social anxiety you don't like speaking to people, let alone shouting at the top of your lungs to try to be heard.

3. A Wedding

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Despite having a limited group of friends, people with social anxiety still get invited to weddings. The worst part is being assigned to a table where you don't know anyone and trying to make conversation. Plus, you have to try to keep a smile on your face the whole night, because nobody likes to see a frown at a wedding.

4. A Networking Event

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If you have social anxiety, small talk is excruciating. That's all networking is. You don't feel comfortable talking about mundane meaningless things, and you especially don't feel comfortable trying to boast about your career accomplishments, which is all that networking is.

5. A Group Vacation

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Some people with social anxiety still do love to travel, they just prefer to do it alone. However, if you're short on cash, you'll have to probably do one of those package tour deals that involves a group of strangers. Nothing ruins your vacation more than randoms trying to take part in an "unforgettable experience" with you.

6. The Classroom


Social anxiety manifests itself at an early age. You remember those nightmarish days in the classroom when you were petrified that the teacher would call on you, and god forbid, you had to speak in front of the class.

7. A Work Meeting

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Being called on to present something in a work meeting is the adult equivalent of the teacher calling on you in the classroom. If you have social anxiety, your hands will probably be shaking and you'll trip up over your words.

8. The Subway

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Being caught on a crowded subway with a bunch of random people rubbing shoulders with you? Yeah, for someone with social anxiety, this is enough to give you a heart attack.

9. A Birthday Party


A birthday party, a baby shower … really just any social gathering of more than three people is enough to make you want to curl up in your bed and cry. You just don't know what to say or how to act, and you feel like everyone thinks you're a freak.

10. Grocery Shopping


This especially holds true at Whole Foods, where everyone seems to be overly chatty. You hate reaching over people. You dread bumping your cart into someone else's. You get the prepackaged cold cuts because the idea of ordering anything from the Deli counter makes you sick to your stomach.

11. The Gym


Just because you have social anxiety, doesn't mean that you don't want to stay active and fit. But, going to the gym can be a nightmare. You make eye-contact with so many people, especially creepy guys. You feel like you don't know what you're doing. The guys grunting in the free-weights section makes you twitch.

You end up going home and ordering an entire gym's worth of equipment so you never have to leave the house again.

12. A Restaurant

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You try to avoid this as much as possible, but sometimes you're forced to go out to eat. Having the waiter take your order feels like you're being interrogated. Trying to get the waiter's attention causes a stabbing pain in your chest. You try to plan ahead how you're going to ask for the bill, and you end up saying, "Can I get the food check, you're welcome."

13. A First Date

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Yes, people with social anxiety still want to fall in love. We've got to procreate somehow, right?

But getting to know a guy has to start with a first date, which can be brutal. This is a combination of the things you fear the most as someone with social anxiety: small talk, restaurants, and networking. You never know what to ask them, and you're constantly thinking that your date is planning his escape route as you take a bite of your food.

Oh, wait, what food? You're way too nervous to eat anything on a first date.

So, did that about cover it? Are you biting your nails off just thinking of being in these places? Yeah, we feel you. But, don't worry girl, you'll get through it.

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