22 Inspiring Images Of Breast Cancer Survivors Beating The Odds

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Giving up is not an option.

Over the course of their lifetime, one in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer. Just in 2017, 40,610 women are expected to die from the disease.

It is a harrowing experience for women to go through.Survivors of breast cancer are among the strongest and most beautiful women you will ever meet.

Photographers like David Jay, through his The Scar Project, want to show the world the beauty that resonates through these inspiring survivors.

Breast cancer survivors are strong, beautiful, and can overcome anything:

1. This Is The Body Of A Survivor

2. She's Still As Rock n' Roll As Ever

3. She's Not Afraid Of Her Scars

4. She's Full Of Joy

5. This Body Is Full Of Life

6. Somone Would Be Lost Without This Woman

7. This Is A Body Meant For Love

8. This Is The Body Of A Goddess

9. These Stunning Women Show Us All The Power Of Friendship

10. This Remarkable Woman Laughs In the Face Of Breast Cancer

11. This Woman Is Someone's Superhero

12. This Is The Sexiest Fighter You Will Ever See

13. This Is The Body Of A Woman With A Story To Tell

14. This Woman Is Proud Of What She Overcame

15. This Is The Body Of A Woman Who's Never Backed Down From A Fight

16. This Is The Body Of An American Hero

17. This Is A Body Born For The Catwalk

18. This Is The Body Of A Woman Who Took Back Her Life

19. These Survivors Know That The Breasts Don't Make The Woman

20. This Woman's Body Is A Work Of Art

21. This Gorgeous Woman Knows That Symmetry Is Overrated

22. This Mother And Daughter Are The Epitome Of Grace

Aren't these women some of the most beautiful people you've ever seen? We sure think so. These women, and others like them, show us what true beauty really means.

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