16 Signs You’re Actually His First Priority

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If your guy does these things, he's really into you.

We all know that dating can be an absolute nightmare. It can turn into an exhausting game where you're scared to make a move. You can be in a relationship where you feel undervalued and unimportant, and like your guy is putting everyone over you. But, sometimes, just sometimes, it actually works out.

If your guy is really into you, you'll probably know. But in case you need some help, we've compiled a list of ways to tell you're actually his first priority.

1. He Talks About The Future

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If he's talking about future plans and says stuff like "we," it's a sure sign he's really into you. If he's saying things like "oh, we'll go there someday," that means he's picturing a future with you. It shows that he's committed to you and plans on staying committed to you down the road.

2. He Put A Label On It

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Sometimes labels aren't his thing or your thing for that matter. But if you've been dating for a while and he doesn't at least say he wants to be exclusive that probably means he's got other options. But, if he makes things official, that means he's ready to see where this journey takes the two of you.

3. He Wants To Meet Your Friends

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If he wants to meet your friends, that means he wants to be more involved in your life. That means he's definitely investing time and energy in your relationship. This works vice versa for you meeting his friends.

4. He Wants To Meet Your Family


This is an even bigger deal than just meeting the friends. If he wants to meet your parents, that means he really wants to take things to the next level. Meeting your family means he doesn't just want you now, but he wants to know who you were growing up.

5. He’s On Time


If you're his first priority, he values your time and doesn't like to make you wait. It also means that he wants to be on time because he's excited to see you and doesn't want to waste a moment.

6. He Takes Interest In Your Interests

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If he puts you first, he actively asks about your life and your interests. He wants to know the things that make you tick and wants to connect with you on those levels. He'll also try to do things that align with your interests. For example, if you're a movie buff he'll take you to a special screening of that foreign film you told him you loved.

7. He’s Always Making Plans With You

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Relationship expert Stefanie Safran says that if the guy you're dating gets some free time and doesn't spend it with you, you're not his first priority. If you were his first priority, he would want to spend all the free time he had by your side.

8. He Hates Disappointing You

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Sometimes plans just don't work out. He got slammed with a bunch of work and can't make it to dinner tonight. Life happens, and it's okay. But if he's really into you, he'll feel awful about canceling and he'll try to make it up to you somehow. He'd be just as disappointed as you are about not hanging out.

9. He Surprises You

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Surprises take some dedication. If he surprises you with something, it doesn't have to be anything big, that means he's putting in some serious effort just to see you smile.

10. You Get Into Arguments Now And Then

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Sometimes disagreements happen and you can get into a fight with your guy. But that could be a good thing. If you weren't his first priority, he wouldn't care enough about you to fight with you. If he's fighting with you, it could mean that he's showing you you're worth fighting for.

11. He Expresses His Feelings

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In this day and age, expressing your feelings to someone you're dating can be a dreaded task. But if you're guy is telling you that he likes being with you, or spending time with you, it's because he cares enough about you to be vulnerable. It also means that he's reassuring you that he sees this going somewhere.

12. He Tries To Meet Your Needs

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All women have needs, and it's impossible for a guy to fill all of them. But if your guy tries, that means he's really putting you first.

"A partner can't meet your needs all the time, but there's a difference between someone working on their behavior because it's important to their partner and just temporarily placating them until they can go back to status quo. If a person isn't willing to put in consistent effort after you've spoken up, they're not prioritizing your needs or the relationship," says relationship expert Anita Chilpala.

13. He Gets A Little Jealous From Time To Time


Sometimes a little jealousy can be healthy. If you mention another guy or he sees a guy hit on you at the bar and you see a little jealousy peak through, that could be a sign that he wants you all to himself.

14. He Tries To Impress You


If he puts in effort to make himself look nice, or he wants you to listen to him play the guitar, it's because he's trying to show you his best self. He wouldn't try to show off if you weren't his first priority because your opinion wouldn't matter to him.

15. He Texts You First


Dating can be a very stressful game. Should you text? Should you wait three days? If this guy is really into you, those things won't matter to him. He doesn't care about the rules of any game, if he genuinely likes you, he'll text you just to see how you're day went.

16. He Listens To You And Remembers Things

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If you're his first priority, he'll really listen to you. He'll remember the details you told him about your life. He'll remember your cat's name. He'll remember where you went to school. He'll remember your favorite book. That's because he genuinely listens to you when you speak. He really wants to get to know you and not just keep you around as a temporary fling.

So, we hope after reading this list that your guy is really putting you first, because you totally deserve it!

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