Quiz: Answer These Q's To Reveal What You NEED To Watch On Netflix May 2018

movie, Amelie
Amélie via Miramax

So little time so much to watch.

If you're overwhelmed by the "whats new on netflix May 2018" list, then take this fun quiz which tells you what you should watch on Netflix right now!

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ARE YOU READY TO NETFLIX & CHILL??? Netflix just released what's new on Netflix for May 2018 and we could NOT be more excited!!! With classics like Amelie, High School Musical 3: Senior Year, Shrek, Mamma Mia!, The 40 Year Old Virgin, and so many more, you can catch us on the couch in front of the TV starting May 1st. Thanks, Netflix for once again diminishing our social lives! If the list of what's coming to Netflix May 2018 seems intimidating to you, don't worry, we've written this handy-dandy quiz to help you narrow down your options! With hundreds of shows and movies to choose from on Netflix, picking one out can take longer than the actual show or movie itself... Which is why we created this quiz which will take your Netflix favorites into consideration to suggest the PERFECT show or movie for you to watch right now, based on what's new on Netflix this May 2018! With hundreds of new movies and tv shows to browse through, the tas kcan be daunting and grueiling, let us help you by answering these questions and uncovering the perfect thing for you to start watching right now! You'll probably end up watching all the new movies and TV shows eventually, but this quiz will definitely give you a great place to start! Answer these simple questions about your entertainment preferences - from your favorite movies, and TV shows, to the genres you love and hate. Your answers will be used to generate a list of the new content on Netflix May 2018 that you will LOVE. Don't worry, you can thank us later!

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