Quiz: You'll Only Get 10/15 On This If You've Travelled To Barcelona

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Barcelona has culture and food like no other place! You'll only ace this Barcelona quiz if you've been there before!

 May 11, 2017
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Barcelona is a part of the _____ Region of Spain.
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What is Tapas?
One giant meal with dessert after
Meal consisting of small plates
A seafood dish
3 of 15Pick your answer!
This architect is responsible for many beautiful buildings in Barcelona including La Sagrada Familia:
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Las Ramblas is the best place for...
5 of 15Pick your answer!
What is the name of the football stadium where FC Barcelona plays?
Stadi Fou
FC Corts
Camp Nou
6 of 15Pick your answer!
Barcelona lies on what body of water?
Atlantic Ocean
Mediterranean Sea
Indian Ocean
7 of 15Pick your answer!
________ is the center of the city, where many of the buildings date back to medieval times.
Eixample District
Poble Sec
Gothic Quarter
8 of 15Pick your answer!
What do you call a neighborhood in Barcelona?
9 of 15Pick your answer!
What is the name of the park located on the top of Carmel Hill?
Park Guell
Park Gondola
Park Tapas
10 of 15Pick your answer!
What is La Sagrada Familia Basilica?
A church
A museum
An apartment building
11 of 15Pick your answer!
Paella is a popular dish in Barcelona, usually made with:
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T/F: There is a Metro system in Barcelona
13 of 15Pick your answer!
In the summertime, Barcelona is the best place to come for....
ice cream
cool weather
the beaches
14 of 15Pick your answer!
The culture of Barcelona can be described as...
Uptight, hard-working
Easy-going, casual
Time-sensitive, always busy
15 of 15Pick your answer!
Around mid-afternoon, most Barcelona residents are....
Out running errands
At the bars
Taking a siesta
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