Quiz: Does He Like Me?

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He loves me... He loves me not... He loves me...

Ever asked yourself: "does he like me back?" or "does my crush like me?" This quiz will determine once and for all if that guy likes you or not!

 Jan 29, 2018
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What is your relationship with your crush?
We know each other, but have never talked
Just friends
You could say he has no idea who I am
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Have you ever caught your crush looking at you?
Does in my dreams count?
I've seen him steal a glance or two
Maybe, but he could just be looking in my direction!
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What would you do if you ran into your crush out in public?
Freak out and text my friends
Spark up a conversation
Walk by and smile
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What compliment would you give to your crush?
I think you're really funny and hot.
You're so cool I really like hanging out with you.
I like your smile.
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Does your crush follow you on social media/like your pictures?
We follow each other and like all of each others posts
Maybe if he knew who I was first...
He follows me but only likes my pics sometimes
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Choose an iconic romance story:
Romeo & Juliet
The Notebook
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How do you usually act around your crush?
I'm pretty much just myself around him
Nervous but I try to be cool
I usually get pretty flustered and shy
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What would your dream first date with your crush be?
A picnic on the beach at sunset
Hanging out at one of our houses and watching a movie
Taking a horse-drawn carriage to a fancy 5-star dinner
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What is most important to you in a boyfriend?
Someone I can trust
Someone who shares all my same interests
Someone that can make me laugh
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Pick a Valentine's Day gift:
Teddy bear
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How would your friends describe you?
12 of 18Pick your answer!
How would you describe your crush?
13 of 18Pick your answer!
Which of these singers would you most want to go on a date with?
Justin Bieber
Nick Jonas
Harry Styles
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What's your favorite thing to watch on TV?
Anything with some drama
I don't watch much TV
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If another girl was talking to your crush, what would you do?
Let it happen, he probably likes her more than me
Try to get in between them by grabbing his attention somehow
Do some stalking to find out who this girl is before drawing conclusions
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Which of these would be most meaningful for you to receive from your crush?
A love letter
Some quality time alone
A hug
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If your life was like a rom-com, which would it be?
10 Things I Hate About You
13 Going On 30
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Choose the most relatable love quote:
All's fair in love and war.
Love isn't something you find, love is something that finds you.
There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved.
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Have you ever wondered if your crush likes you back? Well look no further! This quiz has all the answers for you. Tell us a little bit about your relationship with your crush or that special someone you've had your eye on, and we can tell if they like you back or not! Trust us when we say the results are accurate, because we never get these things wrong!