Quiz: Are You West Virginia Enough To Ace All 16 Of These Questions?

West Virginia

Sit for a spell and see if your West Virginia knowledge is up to snuff!

You'll only ace this West Virginia quiz if you grew up eating Pepperoni Rolls, rooting for the "mountaineers" and saying other West Virginia slang!

 Jan 06, 2018

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What is the four-star luxury resort and hotel in WV?
The Greenbrier
The Claremont
Four Points by Sheraton Charleston

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What is ‘eers' slang for?
West Virginians

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The "Glade Creek Grist Mill" makes freshly ground ___.

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What is the name of the series of waterfalls of Shays Run?
Elakala Falls
Lake Falls
Shakalaka Falls

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This fruit tastes like a blend of mango, papaya, banana, and pineapple.

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Who is the man in the white silhouette of the NBA logo?
Michael Jordan
Dell Curry
Jerry West

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What kind of butter is especially popular in fall?

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Where would you go skiing in the winter?
Alpine Valley

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Where in the state is Bridge Day held?

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The best brand of biscuits in West Virginia is...

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You can learn a lot of history at ___.
West Virginia Penitentiary
Summersville Lak
Harpers Ferry

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In West Virginia, a poke is a what?
A funny person
A sport
A grocery bag

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Which of the following is NOT a topping for a West Virginia hot dog?
Tater tots
Cole slaw

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_________ are every West Virginians favorite food.
Pepperoni Rolls
Buffalo wings

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What is a popular breakfast staple in West Virginia?
Chorizo breakfast burrito
Chicken and waffles
White gravy and biscuits

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What is the name of the historic cave in Greenbrier County?
Cooks Cave
Heart Cave
Organ Cave
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