Celebrate National Nurses Day By ACING This Quiz That All RN's Would Pass

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Takt this medical nursing quiz in honor of national nurse day and week! Could you be a registered nurse? Find out now!

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Happy National Nurses Day! Celebrate this day by taking this tricky quiz all about nursing and the medical world. Nurses do SO much for our community, they are truly Angles on earth who are extremely selfless and giving. On top of that, Registered Nurses go through a ton of schooling before they become professionals. Do you think you could answer just a small fraction of the questions that they would be asked on the MCAT or throughout schooling? Find out by taking this quiz. If you're thinking about becoming a Nurse or a Doctor or joining any profession in the medical field, make sure you can pass this basic Medical test first. This quiz will test you on everything from the basics of normal body temperature, to the largest bone in the body, to even nursing slang and phrases that registered nurses would use! Do you know which blood type is a universal donor? Or the name of the disease that ticks cause? Some questions will be easy like naming the outfit that Nurses wear, however other questions may be more tricky like "Which of the following body molecules comes in the form of a double helix?" or "What is a "lantern test"? Put yourself into the shoes of a registed nurse and don't forget to throw on your thinking cap while you're at it because this quiz is not easy! If you can pass this quiz, you should definitely consider a career as a nurse, why not make a difference and save lives if you can?

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