Sorry, But NO ONE Can Define Every Single One Of These Words. Can You?

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Are you up for the challenge?

How many of these vocabulary words can you define? This quiz will test how well versed you are in the English language!

 Apr 23, 2020

1 of 30Define the word!

Quaint (adj.)
Charming and unique
Colorful and bright

2 of 30Define the word!

Brazen (adj.)

3 of 30Define the word!

Famish (noun)
A mutiny
Extreme hunger
To abolish

4 of 30Define the word!

Parched (adj.)
Extreme thirst

5 of 30Define the word!

Enunciate (verb)
Pronounce clearly
To deteriorate
To commit a crime

6 of 30Define the word!

Dire (adj.)
Extremely serious or urgent

7 of 30Define the word!

Gullible (adj.)
Constantly relaxed
Easily fooled

8 of 30Define the word!

Inferior (adj.)
Lower in rank

9 of 30Define the word!

Conundrum (noun)
A container of fish
A confusing and difficult problem
An expression of guilt

10 of 30Define the word!

Taut (adj.)
Pulled tight
Past tense of teach

11 of 30Define the word!

Refute (verb)
To return to one's home land
To prove to be untrue
To agree

12 of 30Define the word!

Ambiguous (adj.)
Intricately detailed
Unclear or vague

13 of 30Define the word!

Dubious (adj.)

14 of 30Define the word!

Candor (noun)
The trait of being honest and frank
Fearful expectation of something
An increase or growth

15 of 30Define the word!

Diligence (noun)
A lack of respect
Being committed to a task

16 of 30Define the word!

Tentative (adj.)
Not yet finalized
Dangerous or unstable

17 of 30Define the word!

Objectivity (noun)
Any object
Judgment based on observations instead of emotions or opinions
Judgment based on emotions or opinions

18 of 30Define the word!

Feasibility (noun)
The practicality or possibility of something
Excessive jealousy
Flexible muscles

19 of 30Define the word!

Epitome (noun)
A device for keeping tempo
A perfect example of a particular quality or type
The opposite of something

20 of 30Define the word!

Surmount (verb)
To have any amount
To get on top of or overcome
To weaken

21 of 30Define the word!

Instigate (verb)
To separate
Provoke or stir up
To make sense of something

22 of 30Define the word!

Bane (noun)
A tree after it's leaves have shed
A cause of great distress or annoyance
A place of comfort

23 of 30Define the word!

Articulate (adj.)
Sloppy or messy
Spoken clearly
Small and confined

24 of 30Define the word!

Cognition (noun)
A formal meeting
The act or process of knowing
The act of blending in

25 of 30Define the word!

Cobbler (noun)
Someone who repairs shoes
Someone who grows peaches
Someone who mixes cocktails

26 of 30Define the word!

Abdicate (verb)
To win a war
To give up a position
To rise up

27 of 30Define the word!

Rescind (verb)
To endorse
To volunteer
To cancel officially

28 of 30Define the word!

Qualm (noun)
A recommendation
A nun
A feeling of unease

29 of 30Define the word!

Loathe (verb)
To feel intense hatred
To give details
To celebrate

30 of 30Define the word!

Pinnacle (noun)
A triangular object
Highest level or degree
A rough example
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