These Good Essentials Formulas Are A Natural Way To Provide Allergy Relief

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We spoke with Co-Founder, Dr. Kim, about her formulas and how they work to relieve allergy symptoms, naturally.

If you're sick of your allergies and looking for an all-natural solution to help relieve your symptoms, you have to check out the natural remedies from Good Essentials. Allergies affect more than 50 million Americans per year and are the 6th leading cause of chronic illness in the US. Allergy medication is certainly a good option to control your symptoms, but if you're looking for more natural ways, things like essential oils and other products and practices can help control your symptoms too. While natural solutions like essential oils might not cure your allergies altogether, they can certainly help keep your symptoms at bay while providing you with other holistic benefits at the same time. We highly recommend Good Essentials products, which are affordable, safe, and effective in relieving allergy symptoms, along with a whole other range of other natural benefits!

We love that Good Essentials is women-founded and women-owned. Founders Dr. Jenelle Kim and her friend and fellow entrepreneur, Michelle Aristondo-Chereque, decided to start the brand during the pandemic after noticing how many hand sanitizers were filled with toxins and unsafe chemicals. Their products are created with safe ingredients that are good for you and our planet, using all-natural ingredients with no harsh synthetic chemicals, artificial fragrance, dyes, parabens, or phthalates. Starting with hand sanitizer, they've expanded their product range to include their Aromatherapy Mask Mist and Adaptogenic Essential Oils, all with the same mission of providing powerful, effective, and safe formulas.

We had the honor of speaking with the Co-Founder of Good Essentials, Dr. Jenelle Kim, about how her specially formulated products work to fight allergies naturally. Dr. Kim is a doctor of Chinese medicine, a certified herbalist, and the secret behind Good Essentials products. Dr. Kim uses her family’s proprietary BiBong® formulas, medicinal herbal recipes originally reserved for Korean royalty that have been passed down through her lineage, in all of Good Essentials’ products. They provide unique natural benefits available only to products created by Dr. Jenelle Kim.

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Interview With Co-Founder, Dr. Jenelle Kim: Good Essentials & Allergy Relief

WDC: How do essential oils work in terms of allergy relief?

Dr. Kim: Essential oils are absorbed into the body quickly. When breathed in, the particles are carried through our airways and into the bloodstream. Within minutes your blood will fully circulate your body, carrying the essential oils to each and every molecule.

Allergies are the sixth leading cause of chronic illness in the United States, affecting approximately 50 million people. While there are many ways to help relieve symptoms, the use of essential oils is among the most popular and effective natural remedies for allergies.

Ultimately, allergens trigger symptoms in the nose, throat, lungs, ears, and sinuses. Although the scientific evidence to back the practice is still limited (mostly due to the fact that there have not been many studies done), anecdotal evidence suggests that essential oils can be helpful in controlling certain symptoms, like stuffy nose, congestion and coughing by providing powerful anti-inflammatory and natural anti-histamine properties.

WDC: Specifically, how do your Mask Spray and Immune-Protect formula work to relieve allergies?

Dr. Kim: The Good Essentials Mask & Face Refresher Mist and Immune-Protect Essential Oil Blend contain powerful formulas based on centuries-proven East Asian formulas. Each formula consists of the highest quality essential oils synergistically combined with powerful herbal blends that work to rebalance and strengthen your condition. Specifically, these formulas work to help relieve symptoms due to allergies by calming inflammation and helping to boost the immune system.

The Aromatherapy Mask & Face Mist consists of an aromatherapeutic herbal blend that contains a synergistic blend of essential oils that provide powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties that help to calm inflammation and help to reduce bacteria in the air and on your mask. Key ingredients such as grapefruit and lemon essential oils are well-known for helping with seasonal allergies because they can help reduce inflammation - which is one of the main culprits of allergy symptoms, provide natural antihistamine properties, and support the lymphatic system. Lavender oil is another powerful essential oil that helps calm allergy symptoms. Lavender works as a natural antihistamine that contains strong anti-inflammatory properties that help to relieve most allergic reactions. It works effectively for helping to calm skin rashes and headaches. Not only will it help to ease your allergic reactions, but it also has strong calming and relaxing effects on both the mind and body.

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The Immune-Protect Essential Oil Blend helps support healthy immune function, protects against environmental threats, and can even be safely used as a non-toxic cleaner or to purify the air. This powerful formula contains essential oils including Rosemary, which contains alpha-pinene, a terpene known to have antispasmodic and antihistamine properties, both of which can help reverse the airway constriction associated with wheezing. The blend also features Eucalyptus oil, which helps to open the lungs and sinuses, thereby improving circulation and reducing symptoms of allergies. The potent herbal blend, including Ginseng Root, Astragalus Root and Atractylodes Root help to strengthen and rebalance your condition, which in turn helps to boost the immune system and calm inflammation.

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