Summer Distancing Tips 2020: How To Keep Your Activities Safe


Your guide for a safe and fun Summer.

With Summer upon us and Covid-19 cases rising, it's important to take extra precautions to keep you and those around you safe. It's still possible to participate in your favorite Summer activities, but this year with a new set of guidelines! With the help of these tips from OneMedical, we put together a simple guide on how to have a fun and, most importantly, safe Summer.

1. Swimming



Keep your distance. Studies show there is a very low chance of getting coronavirus through properly maintained pool water, so it is much more important to remain distanced and wear a mask when near or outside the water.

For optimal room to distance, choose a large beach over a small pool.

Spend as little time in crowded spaces as possible (& wear your mask!)

Avoid peak times.

2. Camping



Stay local.

Avoid touching surfaces like park maps & benches.

Move around instead of lounging.

Take the trail less traveled!

3. Backyard BBQ



Keep it small and wear masks when not eating/drinking.

BYO everything - drinks, utensils, BBQ gear.

Soak up the sun outside instead of inside, lowering the chance of spreading the virus by a magnitude of 10.

Don't forget the sunscreen! We recommend this women-owned clean sunscreen brand, Supergoop.

Tell us how you'll be staying safe & distanced this Summer!

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