10 Products & Gifts That Will Make Every Parent's Life Easier

10 Products & Gifts That Will Make Every Parent's Life Easier xmas
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With the holiday season right around the corner, and many people becoming new parents, we've rounded up a list of products and gift ideas that every parent needs. These products are great for kids of all ages, and make fantastic practical gifts that will surely get use and make any parent's life easier! Whether it's a hassle-free, accurate thermometer for babies, or the most equipped and compact first aid kit you'll ever need, these products are must-buys.

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1. VAVA Smart Baby Thermometer


This 24-hour real-time temperature monitoring will help parents stay informed and have peace of mind - all while being super easy to use! Just attach the silicone patch to your baby's armpit to remotely monitor their temperature at all times. The thermometer will alert you anytime it detects a high temperature. For just $79.99, this makes the perfect gift that will make a new parent's life much easier!

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2. Little GF Chef's Baking Kit


Little GF Chefs creates delicious baking kits that are gluten-free, contain no artificial dyes, and are free of the most common food allergens like nuts, soy, eggs, and dairy. The kits include making your own ice cream sandwiches, cookies, pretzels, pizzas, and more! These kits are designed to empower and build self-confidence through fun baking experiences. Makes the perfect activity gift, or just for everyday fun!

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3. MyMedic MyFAK Safety Kit


While we're on the topic of safety, what better gift to give to a loved one than this ultimate first aid kit that comes with everything you could ever need in an emergency. The MyMedic MyFAK kit is the perfect first-aid kit to keep on hand, especially with those accident-prone little ones running around! The compact pack has everything you need to treat blisters, cuts and burns, blocked airways, broken bones, and more, and can be easily stored in your car, diaper bag, backpack, etc.

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4. Moon Babe Blanket


Wrap your child up in positive energy with these eco-friendly, mindful blankets from Moon Babe Blankets. Founded during the pandemic, this line of comforting knits was created as a way for parents to transfer their positive intentions and energy to their littles. The blankets are made in the USA with a family-owned + operated mill. Explore their various blankets that each have a specific purpose (protection, creativity, gratitude, etc.), or shop their adorable zodiac blankets!

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5. MomRemedy Eco-Friendly Cleaning Supplies


MomRemedy is a cleaning solution that cleans all stains on all types of surfaces without strong chemicals. The Everything Household Cleaner by MomRemedy is hydrogen peroxide-based combined with a plant-based cleaner and naturally scented with citrus peels. The combination of ingredients creates a powerful cleaner and stain remover and is not harmful to the surfaces in your home. Every parent needs this jack-of-all-trades cleaner!

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6. Repurpose Plastic-Free Dinner Set


If you avoid using plastics with your child, this dinner set from RePurpose is a must-have. No more worrying about shattered glass or toxins from plastic, this kid-friendly dinner set comes with everything they need (bowl, cup, plate, and tray)! This set uses the same revolutionary material as their compostable dinnerware; it's just thicker and processed for increased durability. Microwave, Dishwasher, and Planet Earth Safe.

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7. Mozy "Jacket For Your Legs"


This innovative "jacket for your legs" will keep you warm and mobile during your child’s sports season this fall! Say goodbye to literally freezing your butt off in the stands, this breathable and water-resistant blanket is built to withstand 45℉ - 70℉ climates and stays on you as you move around! Each Mozy features handy pockets for storing your phone, gear, or beverage and a unique foldable design for easy transport.

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8. Mouth Watchers Floss & Brush All-in-One Toothbrush


Let's admit it… we all hate flossing! If you or your kids have a hard time staying on a steady flossing routine, the toothbrush from Dr. Plotka’s Mouth Washers will become your new best friend. This breakthrough toothbrush features silver-infused, multi-layered flossing bristles that are 10x thinner than leading brands, breaking up plaque and reaching places other brushes miss! The bristles naturally eliminate 99% of bacteria so you can always rely on a clean toothbrush morning or night.

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9. Bug Bite Thing


You may have heard of this magical tool before and if you don't have one, it's time to get one! The Bug Bite Thing is a suction tool that extracts insect venom/saliva from under the skin to help alleviate the itching, stinging, and swelling that occurs with bug bites and stings. Say goodbye to itchy bug bites once and for all! This tool is lightweight, portable, and easy to use. Makes a great gift too!

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10. PatPat Children's Clothing


PatPat is making it easier than ever to shop for kid's clothing. They're your one-stop-shop for functional, affordable, and high-quality kid's clothes for any occasion. Ages range from newborn to 14 years, and they even have matching mommy & me sets! You can even download PatPat's mobile app to make your shopping experience even easier!

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