Must-Know Makeup Tips for Looking Fabulous in Your Frames

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Because, your glasses should enhance your style and elevate your confidence — not hinder it.

Makeup application is an art. Just like with anything else, learning how to apply makeup will take time. Oftentimes, the application process is overlooked, but the talent needed to cover up imperfections or achieve a certain look is much deeper than it appears on the surface level.

When applied correctly, your makeup should be widely successful in highlighting, defining, and enhancing those prized features on your face. However, there is nothing more frustrating than applying the perfect glam look, only for it to be ruined by our glasses. It is something that no amount of setting spray or powder can seem to combat.

If you’re tired of dealing with the smudged foundation on your frames or flaking mascara on your lenses, keep reading. We’re giving you the must-know makeup tips for glasses.

1. Lay the foundation for a flawless finish

Arguably, one of the most common problems when mixing makeup with glasses, is the dents, red marks, or ‘scuffing’ that can occur on the skin caused by the bridge of your frames. Your glasses, in addition to the natural oils of your skin, can rub the bridge of your nose and around your eyes, leaving you without proper foundation coverage. Don’t let shiny glasses imprints ruin a perfectly matte face look. The solution to this all too common problem is very simple but might take some adjusting to incorporate into your makeup routine. Next time you are applying your foundation, once you have accomplished your ideal coverage on the rest of your face, use just the leftover product on your nose in an attempt to keep the coverage light. The thicker your foundation, the more noticeable the dents/smudging will be, so try to keep the nose area away from full coverage.

2. Eyeliner 101

One of the most effective ways to accent your eyes, aside from your glasses, is through your eyeliner. If you are trying to draw attention away from the areas of concern on your face, then your eyeliner can be a great tool for doing just that. Typically, if you are trying to minimize the appearance of your glasses, you should keep the liner light and not too bold; similarly to your foundation, the thicker it is the more noticeable your glasses will be. If you find yourself on the other side of the spectrum and your glasses make your eyes look smaller, then this is the time to go bold or go home. This not only brings special attention to your eyes, but it can help achieve the illusion of your eyes looking wider and create an overall balance of your face.

Another trick to try is to best match the thickness of your liner to the thickness of your frames. Keep the liner on the more delicate side if you wear wired or thin frames, and thicker if your frames are more ‘acetate’’ (or vice versa depending on your face features and aesthetics).

3. Long-lasting lashes

When it comes to your lashes sitting behind your glasses, you should try to prioritize curl over length. Both curl and length of your lashes can achieve a similar effect on the look of your eyes. If you focus more on the curl then you might be able to avoid your lashes brushing the lens every time you blink. Not only do you end up with those annoying black flakes all over your face, but you also have messy glasses and ruined mascara.

If you are not entirely concerned with length because your lashes are already quite long, then the products you use are most important. If you’re having trouble with your eyelashes flaking or sticking to your lenses, simply swap out your regular mascara with a reputable water-proof or dry formula alternative. Apart from using mascara, you can try eyelash extensions if you’re aiming to get the full glam look but are worried about smudging. As long as you pick the right length, they are easily combined with your glasses. DIY eyelash extensions are super easy to apply and look fab with frames.

4. Wear your glasses-don’t let your glasses wear you

If our eyes are a work of art, then our specs can be considered the picture frame. So, when you begin looking for your perfect frames, consider this addition to be a new staple piece in your wardrobe, especially if you will be wearing them every day. Choose something that is going to best compliment you and your style, without compromising any aspects of your look.

Most people prefer neutral colors including black, brown, clear, or even tortoise when choosing their new frames. These common color choices make it easier to match with different hair colors, eye colors, and skin tones. However, when choosing your new frames, always go with the pair that you feel most comfortable in, and will match your aesthetic and lifestyle. If you were considering trying a style outside of your comfort zone, you may want to take a step back. Consider trying something new with your makeup instead, as this may create future complications in matching your glasses with your wardrobe.

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