26 Black-Owned Small-Businesses to Support Today & Every Day

25 Black-Owned Small-Businesses to Support in Honor of Black History Month
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This list is filled with innovative, life-changing, and useful products - there's something for everyone!

There are so many reasons to support Black-owned businesses not only for Black History Month, but also year round. Data has shown that African-American businesses were among the hardest-hit during the pandemic. On top of that, many minority neighborhoods were late to receive forgivable loans from the federal Paycheck Protection Program. Following the Black Lives Matter movement and over the course of the next year, Black-business ranks went up 28% from pre-Covid levels. It’s up to us consumers to keep supporting Black-owned businesses whenever we can.

To that end, we’ve highlighted 20+ Black-owned small businesses that you can support this month, and always! Many of these businesses are also women-owned, and they’re creating innovative and useful products across all industries. From kid’s lap-tops to alkaline recovery water, this list has something for everyone in an array of categories, and we encourage you to check them out and support.

Before you continue, we'd like to let you know that this list may contain affiliate links, meaning we may collect a commission if you decide to click through and make a purchase.




Lisa Love is the CMO and Co-Founder of the Shark Tank-winning startup, Tanoshi, The Shark Tank-winning startup where the mission is to prepare all kids for a digital future, no matter their socio-economic background. Tanoshi believes every child should have a reliable computer at home, where they can develop the skills necessary for future success. This is why they offer durable and reliable kids laptops at affordable prices.

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HerSpace Co.

Tanisha Carothers and Brittani Hunt went from hosting women’s conferences, retreats, and workshops, to creating their brand, HerSpaceCo., a space that journeys alongside women as they live and evolve intentionally. With products like their inspiring Layered Living Planner, you can keep yourself organized and inspired at the same time. The Layered Living Planner is more than just a planner. It is a tool designed to challenge the modern woman to make her whole self - her layers - a priority. Created for modern women by two women who know what it feels like to need a space to call your own.

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Piece Love Soul

Like many of us, Joy Woodson turned to puzzles to pass time (and stay sane) during the Covid lockdown. But Joy noticed something troubling about the puzzles that were available on the market - art and artists that represented her, a woman of color, were few and far between. That's when Joy decided to take matters into her own hands and found Piece Love Soul, a puzzle company dedicated to uplifting the artistic voices of women of color. The art featured on her puzzles come from women of color, including Black female artists, that have been historically unseen in the art world.

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Anjelah Candle Co.

Shondra J. Glover hopes her hand-poured candles will fill you with memories and happiness just like they do for her. Shondra first started making candles with her mother who was battling cancer. Through these scents and candles, she was able to find peace and joy through the struggle. Anjelah Candle Company was founded in honor of and as a namesake to Shondra’s mother. All of Anjelah’s candles are handcrafted using the highest-grade coconut and soy wax blend infused with premium fragrance oils.

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Post 21 Shop

Post 21 was created by a Mother-Daughter duo who for years, wanted a comprehensive marketplace that focused on modern and design-forward products from Black-owned businesses. They created Post 21 as an online marketplace celebrating and highlighting Black-owned businesses they love and cherish. They sell products in a range of categories from home and garden to clothing, beauty, and even pet supplies.

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Viva La Crown Wellness Solutions

Viva La Crown is a virtual wellness studio offering a range of services from yoga, guided meditation, and deep breathing exercises, to reiki, sound bath healings and many more. Their goal is to promote self care, love, and confidence. Viva La Crown was founded by Afro-Latina, Madeline Munoz, and most of her instructors are women around the world. The focus of her studio is to provide affordability and accessibility to all. She also offers handmade coconut wax candles, handcrafted soaps, vegan lip balms, bath salts and more. This studio is truly a one-stop-shop for holistic wellness!

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Black & Barn

Black & Barn is an eco-friendly home storage retailer offering home storage solutions for house proud individuals. Their products are 98% plastic free as they are made from natural and recyclable materials such as bamboo and glass. By offering some of the most unique and stylish eco-friendly products, they hope to motivate people to use more refillable products like theirs and make more eco-friendly choices!

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Beauty & Self-Care


Body Complete Rx

Busy mom of four, Samia Gore, was looking for a plant-based supplement she could use as a system to jumpstart a healthier lifestyle and support her weight loss journey. When she couldn’t find what she was looking for on the market, she decided to collaborate with Dr. Ruby Lathon to create Body Complete Rx. Their plant-based supplement systems were developed with your complete wellness journey in mind to help you live your best, healthiest life – whatever that looks like for you! We had the honor of interviewing founder Samia Gore about her inspirational entrepreneurial journey - make sure you check it out!

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In Good Conscience

In Good Conscience is on a mission to create universal personal care products that can be enjoyed by all skin types and tones, like their beautifully-scented body washes. Through their business model of Cultural Sustainability, they prioritize partnerships with black & minority-owned businesses who can contribute to bringing their products to market. They also contribute a portion of product sales to non-profit organizations working to advance socio-economic initiatives for underserved communities of color.

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Halo Mane

Halo Mane is a woman-owned Ayurvedic hair care line designed to give locks healthy nutrients with natural herbs and ingredients. Founder, Rae Knight, hand crafts all the products herself and ensures they're all plant and herb-based. With highly-rated products from her Fenugreek Anti Dandruff Oil to her Master Mix Rapid Growth Formula, she's got something for all your hair needs.

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Nandi Skin Care

Putting your best face forward is what Nandi is all about. The confidence-building brand is all-natural and handmade, standing out for its 100% pure and clean ingredients that are non-GMO, vegan-friendly, and made with no artificial fragrances. Consisting of African recipes passed down for generations, the Black-owned brand makes skincare products fit for the entire family and for every skin type and color. We also love that Nandi gives back by donating to nonprofits in Africa.

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TrapStix Lip Balm

TrapStix Lip Balm is a unique music-inspired lip balm brand that mixes hip hop and pop artists’ names with all-natural lip balm flavors, like Charry Styles and Cardi Bees. These clever lip balms are formulated with gentle, nurturing ingredients such as grapeseed oil, precious coconut oil, beeswax, and moisturizing sweet almond oil to nourish dry and delicate lips.

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Erica Bigger, founder of WhollyGloss, decided to found her own Gloss line after struggling to find what she was looking for on the market. She wanted a gloss pigmented enough for her dark lips, an eye gloss in a color other than clear, and she wanted these to be natural and vegan - so she made them herself! Designed with every skin type and color in mind, her rich and pigmented formulas show beautifully on everyone.

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So Sweet Bath & Body

So Sweet Bath and Body is a self-care brand offering body butters, lip scrubs, scented candles, and more - all with a "so sweet" theme! The “bath and body” of the brand speaks to the quality of and ingredients in the products that aid in relaxation, while the “so sweet” speaks to the desserts and sweets that the products look and smell like, like their Sherbet Whipped Body Butter, or their Lavender Champagne Bubble Scoop.

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Naturalicious was founded by single mother, Gwen Jimmere, who decided to start selling her homemade hair products that worked miracles on her own hair. She hopes to remind her Naturalicious customers that they are the standard of beauty. Her easy-to-use products will cut your wash and style time down while keeping your hair luscious and healthy. Her line has also expanded to now include face products, supplements, and haircare accessories. We also love that they proudly partner with STEP, a Detroit-based nonprofit that offers opportunities for people with special needs to join their team.

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The Sassy Cap

Bianca Rush is the brains behind the Sassy Hair Cap. After having a difficult time finding a bonnet that was inclusive of all hairstyles, Bianca teamed up with a seamstress, found a manufacturer, and created the first expandable, two-in-one satin bonnet. This bonnet is flexible enough to fit all hair styles and types, no matter if your hair is straight, wavy, curly, coily, in dreadlocks, twists, braids, or if you have fine, medium, or coarse hair. The Sassy Hair Cap is the most inclusive hair bonnet that makes maintaining your hair's style and health easier.

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Founder of Buzzoms, Marshay Clarke, was sick of uncomfortable ill-fitting bras and squeezing into sizes not made for her figure. This is why she decided to found her own clothing line, Buzzoms, where they believe that women of all shapes and sizes should be able to go braless! They created a sizing model based on real women's bodies, and offer clothing with built-in bras that are actually comfortable, and keep your girls supported.

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Hogoè Kpessou

Hogoè Kpessou is a luxury brand inspired by individuality, style, and expression through innovative craftsmanship. Founded by Togo-native, Hogoè Kpessou, who immigrated to the US when she was six years old, its designs are rooted in her West African culture. Hogoè independently manages her brand, while also being a college student, proving that women truly can do anything they set their minds to. The custom-developed design, unique textiles, and modern artisanal attention in her collections are what define this luxury brand.

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Bodylicious Couture

Bodylicious Couture is a high fashion brand that embodies bold, edgy, femininity with versatile ready-to-wear pieces, designed effortlessly. Founder, CEO, and Designer of Bodylicious Couture, Jennifer Love, was inspired by three bold women in her life: Ella (her Grandmother), Louise (her Great Aunt), Lois (her Mother), and the confident women she saw traveling the world. Jennifer set out to create classic garments that instill confidence in women of all shapes and sizes. They proudly offer sizes 0-18 and each garment is made by hand with high-quality fabric and limitless possibilities.

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Vontélle was founded by two glasses-wearing women who saw a gap in the eyewear market that they took the initiative of filling themselves. They wanted to offer a diverse brand of eyewear and accessories for everyone to enjoy and look beautiful in at the same time. Vontélle is a completely new brand of eyewear, as the first African American–owned and operated eyewear company to offer ethnic and cultural patterns, they want to give you confidence and swag and proudly represent their culture in a new way.

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LĒLĀLŌ was founded by mom of two, Lisa Morris, with the help of her two daughters. From denim jackets to the perfect little black dress, to accessories, gifts, and more – each piece is carefully crafted to help moms experience the joy in the practical and the extraordinary moments of motherhood. If you're a mom who loves matching with your little one, you have to check out LĒLĀLŌ's adorable mommy & me designs.

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Dream Medical Wear

Founded by Afro-Latina Registered Nurse, Madeline Munoz, Dream Medical Wear offers eco-friendly medical apparel made out of sustainable fabrics like bamboo, recycled polyester, and mulberry silk. They believe that healthcare heroes deserve to be comfortable during their work shifts, and shouldn't have to sacrifice fashion for comfort. Their scrubs are fashionable, durable, and high quality.

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Food & Beverage


Lucky Soul Inc.

Soultox, created by Vinnie Merrill, is the newest addition to Lucky Soul Inc. This all-natural hydration and recovery water is made for your mind, body, and soul. Unlike other recovery drinks, this alkaline 10PH+ recovery water aids in digestive health and is a complete source of plant-based nutrients with 77 trace minerals and 11 natural amino acids. With zero sugars, carbs, and calories, this water is perfect for anyone whether they're working out or simply looking to improve their overall health.

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Manna Juice Bar

Manna Juice Bar is the brainchild of owners, Dominick and Kristi Andrew. As parents, artists, an athlete, and a pharmacist, this team has collaborated with a food scientist to encourage a balanced lifestyle through the fast, fresh, and efficient nutrition provided in cold-pressed juice! Their delicious cold-pressed juices are filled with nutrients and all-natural ingredients. The Dallas-based brand operates a storefront in the Mansfield suburb and now offers its selections nationwide via its e-commerce site!

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Lefty's Spices

Lefty's Spices is a Black-owned family business that set out to make flavorful food made with quality ingredients simple, and once you try their famous fry mix, you'll be hooked! What started as a small food truck in 1989, has now turned into a full-service restaurant, catering business, and offers their legendary Fry Mix online so that families across the country can experience the delicious flavors that made Lefty’s famous. With no saturated or trans fats in the mixture, preparing food with Lefty’s Spices eliminates the need for oil, offering a healthy alternative.

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Midunu Chocolates

Founder of Midunu Chocolates, Selassie Atadika, traveled for years around Africa and has distilled the essences of the continent to now offer them to you in her delicious Ghanaian artisanal handcrafted chocolates. Made with Ghanaian cocoa, these chocolates feature the flavors and essences of Africa - its fruits, spices, coffees, teas, and tisanes. The truffles in her collection are all named after different African women who are culinary custodians throughout the continent. Celebrate Black History Month and Valentine's Day at the same time - these chocolates make the perfect V-Day gift!

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