Here Are 11 Innovative Products You Never Knew You Needed

Start 2022 Right With 10 Innovative Products You Never Knew You Needed

You'll wonder how you ever lived without these products!

Start the new year with these 10 innovative products that will change your life for the better. These unique, helpful, and creative products will become staples in your household, and they're things you never even knew you needed! Like lights that stay on even during power outages, a heatable or freezable headache hat, a couch desk so you can work from home in ultimate comfort, and much more! Many of these products come from small-businesses, and women-owned businesses who have worked hard to bring these innovative products to life. So browse this list of things that can make your life easier and better in an array of ways, and you can thank us later!

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1. inPOWERED Lights

As a certified women-owned business, inPOWERED Lights makes stylish, everyday lamps that will switch on automatically when the power goes out. Plus you never have to worry about where to charge your dying devices because these lamps charge phones and tablets with no electricity! Truly such an innovative product that everyone should have in their home (especially in areas prone to power outages!). Plus every product you purchase supports other small women-owned businesses and women entrepreneurs.​

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2. The NUCKLE by Aletha

Designed by physical therapist Christine Koth, the NUCKLE is the world’s one and only tool that provides targeted pressure to the key muscles causing neck, shoulder and head pain. If you are suffering from chronic pain or other issues, you owe it to yourself to try this simple yet life-changing tool.

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3. Nomatic Toiletry Bag 2.0

This toiletry bag from Nomatic comes in two convenient sizes, both made with durable, water-resistant materials and zippers to ensure there are no leaks and your toiletries stay protected. The hanging strap makes it easy to see all your toiletries and store your bag out of the way.

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4. RadRover Electric Bike

We can't say enough good things about the RadRover 6 Plus E-Bike from RadPower Bikes. In case you missed it, electric bikes are the future of transportation, offering a healthier, more fun, and active alternative to driving. The RadRover 6 Plus is the perfect bike for any person, because it's capable of conquering literally any terrain, and gives you the smoothest, simplest ride. According to a review, the bike is "Rugged enough to do anything, but street-friendly also. It is really all I need to get around town, and a lot of fun on the mountain bike trails." You can use the assist option to help you pedal, or twist the grip throttle for a boost without even having to pedal! This bike has a range of up to 45 miles, so it can truly be used for commuters or long trips. The RadRover 6 Plus will be your best investment yet, and they have a 14-day free trial so you can try the bike out and see for yourself!

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5. OURA Antimicrobial Towels

These antimicrobial towels from OURA are truly life-changing. Throw out your old musty towels and replace them with these innovative antimicrobial, hypo-allergenic, copper-infused, cotton towels. The most advanced towel you will ever own; the cotton infusion provides antibacterial qualities so your towel will never get that musty smell. Copper has also been scientifically proven to promote skin health and elasticity… we told you this towel was a game-changer! Plus every purchase helps grant a wish for a child in need!

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6. TheraICE Rx Headache & Migraine Relief Hat

Say goodbye to headaches, migraines, and neck pain once and for all with this miraculous headache hat from TheraICE Rx. You can wear it hot or cold depending on your needs. Compression and cold therapies constrict blood vessels and reduce inflammation, helping mute pain signals and heat therapy relaxes muscles and melts tension.

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7. Nerdytec Couch Desk

For everyone entering year three of remote working, this rec is for you. This game-changing portable couch desk from Nerdytec provides the best ergonomics for using your laptop or PC from the comfort of your couch. Firm arm cushions, a stable support board for keyboards and controllers, and a dedicated PC cable keep everything in place without countless wires snaking across your living room floor. Since it looks like remote working will be sticking around, you might as well take advantage and make your WFH setup as comfortable as possible!

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8. Statement Home Interchangeable Acrylic Tray

These sleek, durable acrylic trays from the women-owned brand, Statement Home, keep your space organized and clutter-free. The best part is you can buy their reversible, stackable inserts to update your tray based on season, or whatever design you're in the mood for!

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9. Cabeau Incredi-Belt Lumbar Support

Designed to move with your body, the inflatable Incredi-belt from Cabeau provides targeted support so you can reduce lower back stress and muscle strain in any position. Their proprietary design helps correct back pain that results from failure to maintain the natural S-curve of the lower spine. This inflatable belt keeps your spine in its correct and natural position, ideal for long car rides, working at a desk all day, or working from home.

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10. Blingo Jewelry Case

It's safe to say tangled jewelry is everyone's pet peeve… Which is why it's so shocking that we've been able to live without this next product for so long! Blingo is a women-owned small business that makes the most innovative and convenient jewelry cases of all time. This is not your normal jewelry case... Blingo is a reimagined jewelry case with bristles that hold everything in place. Like a hairbrush in a case, Blingo's design makes sure nothing gets tangled. So whether you're traveling this year or just need a convenient place to store your jewelry, we highly recommend Blingo.

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11. Manta Sleep Mask

This year, prioritize sleep. One easy way to do so is by investing in this innovative sleep mask. The Manta Sleep Mask PRO features true 100% blackout for deeper sleep, C-shaped eye cups for unbeatable side sleep comfort, and zero pressure on the eyelids or lashes. Featuring an infinitely adjustable fit and cooling perforated foam, this mask offers unmatched breathability and ventilation (powered by advanced material science).

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