Virgo Horoscope for April 2019—What's in Store?

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You may experience expansion in your home.

Virgo, This Is Your Very Accurate April Horoscope for 2019

Virgo, you may experience expansion in your home or family this month.

This may be a move to a new home or news of pregnancy.

The planets of constriction, Saturn, and expansion, Pluto, are in your sector of home and family in April. You may feel you have to work really hard to save money because you found out you are pregnant. Possibly, you are physically exerting more effort as you pack and prepare for a move.

For some of you, this could be the ending of relationship which is difficult, yet ultimately leads to freedom. The end result is expansion, but it requires diligence. You, dear Virgo, know and appreciate hard work more than most.

Speaking of work, you have action planet, Mars in your house of career. You will have lots of energy and ambition to complete all of your tasks at the office. Feeling productive at your job is when you feel your best.

Virgos, in general, have a tendency to over-work and this is enhanced for you in April. Therefore, it will be important for you to schedule in some fun.

Venus, the planet of love, spends most of the month in your house of marriage and partnerships. You have three planets spending time there this month, making this an important subject for you currently. You are being asked to gain clarity on what you truly want before moving forward.

Mercury, the planet of communication, and Neptune, the planet of inner wisdom, are forcing you to listen to your heart about your relationship intentions and then clearly communicate those with your partner. This could apply to romantic or business partnerships.

You may feel the urge to dive into work and avoid difficult relationship decisions. At the end of the month, when Venus moves into your house of letting go and transformation, the intensity of this subject will increase. There is no running from the inevitable. Release what is no longer serving you and deepen your connection in the relationships worth savoring.

Stand Out Dates for Virgo in April 2019:

  • 9/5

  • 9/16

  • 9/21

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