Taurus May 2019 Horoscope—What's in Store for You?

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This is a great month for you.

Taurus May 2019 Horoscope

Taurus, this is a great month for you.

There will be a planetary party in your action house this month and you are the host. We start off the month with a new moon on May 5th... in your sign... in your first house. The new moon and the first house both represent new beginnings. You may be starting a new job, changing careers, or starting a new business.

Venus, your ruling planet, moves into your sign midmonth giving you the ability to cast a spell on anyone who crosses your path. You will have an unmatched beauty and charm with this aspect, so use it wisely.

Mercury spends the second and third weeks in your sign as well, nudging you to speak up for yourself. Remember, you will have the ability to ask for anything you'd like (after May 16th) and be well received.

Mars, the planet of action, is in your house of money the first half of the month suggesting possible new career money. The second half of the month, action planet Mars moves into your house of short-distance travel, teaching, learning, and publishing. It is a great time to take a short trip or launch your blog.

The full moon on May 18th shines a spotlight on relationships, good or bad. You will be asked to take a good look at existing relationships, whether romantic or business, and make any necessary adjustments. You may also meet someone interesting at this time. Enjoy the month!

Stand Out Dates for Taurus in May 2019:

  • 5/4

  • 5/16

  • 5/22

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