Taurus Horoscope and Stand Out Dates for February 2019

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Love is in the air!

Taurus February 2019 Horoscope

Love is the theme of the month for you dear, Taurus.

Your ruling planet Venus is dancing in the sky harmoniously this month. Venus is all about love and beauty.

The beginning of the month requires you do some deep digging up of some old resentments, relationships, or patterns you've been holding on to. The January eclipses unearthed some old weeds that are impeding your growth and begging to be released. This may involve letting go of memories or resentments of an old relationship or a current one. The realization of the root of the problem can no longer be ignored. You have the strength and energy to make the changes. Stay courageous and you will be deeply rewarded.

The stars this month are showing a potential for a spontaneous healing. The healing may be your heart or another health issue. However, you must work with the stars on this one. It is not in your nature to make big changes. Be bold and you will take flight. Just after Valentine's Day you will be feeling uplifted by the dreamy energy of Neptune.

You're always grounded and stable, but you may actually feel unusually buoyant at the middle and end of the month. Allow yourself to daydream about the life you want. You have the energy to make a big change in your life.

The whole month is about love: Healing old love wounds, living the life you love, and loving like your heart has never been hurt. Most importantly, love yourself.

Stand Out Dates for Taurus in February 2019:

  • 2/3

  • 2/12

  • 2/17

  • 2/23

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