How to Survive Mercury Retrograde Tips and Tricks

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Back up all your computer files!

How to Survive Mercury Retrograde

About Mercury Retrograde

It's that time again, Mercury retrograde is here and ready to stir things up.

Though notorious for it's annoying qualities and difficulties, it's not all bad. In fact, with proper preparations and some tweaks to how we go about our daily life, it can actually prove to be a very enlightening time.

All planets go into a retrograde period where they appear to be moving backwards in the sky. The planet Mercury goes retrograde three to four times a year for about three weeks at a time.

Mercury is the planet of communication, data processing, technology, travel, and delays. During its retrograde phase, there are often computer breakdowns, cancelled appointments, and delays in everything. The key to surviving Mercury retrograde is to slow way down and do things differently.

The following list is very important. I've ignored it in the past and have regretted it. During Mercury retrograde, I've missed flights, lost luggage, lost important data, signed business contracts that went south, and bought an iPhone that had issues and needed to be returned. Take it from me, follow these guidelines and you will save yourself endless headaches!

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The Essential Mercury Retrograde Survival Tips:

  • Give extra time to get anywhere by car, bus, train, or plane.

  • Only pack a carry-on bag (this is very important).

  • Do all car maintenance before Mercury goes retrograde or near the beginning of it.

  • Back up all of your computer files to a hard drive or iCloud.

  • Double check every email, text, and message before sending.

  • Practice patience with others, as they're also dealing with Mercury retrograde.

  • Respond, rather than react to all situations that arise.

  • Take a deep breath before speaking.

  • Do not sign any contracts during this time, if at all possible. Often, the deals will fall through.

  • Do not buy a new car during this time.

  • Do not buy any electronics.

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The Benefits of Mercury Retrograde

You may be thinking, so where is the enlightening part I mentioned?

Mercury retrograde is a time to "re" everything in our lives. We spend so much of our lives pushing forward that we often forget to slow down and polish up the projects we started but never finished.

This is the perfect time to complete an old task rather than start new ones. Any projects or relationships revisited, revised, reevaluated, renewed, or restored will bring extra clarity during this period.

Making time for relaxation and retreat are the best use of our time during this Mercury retrograde. Be patient with yourself and others. Most importantly, slow way down and get some extra rest. You'll be happy you did.

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