Scorpio November Monthly Horoscope for 2019

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Happy Birthday, Scorpio!

Scorpio, This Is Your Very Accurate November Horoscope for 2019

Happy Birthday, Scorpio!

Money, love, and energy are your themes of November. You will feel inspired and full of vitality all month, and by the third week, you will be unstoppable.

The key for you is to stay true to your vision and allow your intuition to guide you every step of the way.

On November 11th, the communication planet Mercury will be traveling in front of the sun, which will inspire you to rebrand yourself in a meaningful way. The very next day, the full moon on November 12th occurs in your house of partnerships. You may receive some unexpected news from a lover or you could meet a potential long-term partner. This could be uncomfortable, but ultimately will propel you forward.

Mercury will be retrograde most of the month. This a great time to revisit and edit projects you've put aside. Wait until the last week of the month to launch it to the public. Past relationships may resurface during this retrograde time. Be patient, create boundaries, and allow for graceful closure with others as needed.

This new moon, loving Venus and lucky Jupiter are all occurring in your financial house. You may acquire a material luxury item or increase your resources.

The inner work you've been doing is now paying off. Be open to love and money blessings falling into your life. You deserve it!

Stand Out Dates for Scorpio in November:

  • 11/11

  • 11/12

  • 11/23

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