Scorpio's Incredibly Accurate June 2019 Horoscope

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Rebirth is knocking on your door, Scorpio!

Scorpio, This Is Your Very Accurate June Horoscope for 2019

Scorpio, I hope you are recovering from the intensity of the full moon in your sign last month. It was a doozy for us all and you felt it the most.

This month begins with a new moon in your house of death and rebirth on June 3rd. A week later, loving Venus joins this house as well. This combination may have you soul searching about what you really want from your relationships.

Mercury spends a few days in this house as well, giving you the ability to communicate clearly about what you're releasing.

On the business front, if you're looking for investors, the first week of June is great for asking and receiving capital.

Publishing, international study, travel, and philosophy are highlighted all month. You may be traveling or planning or studying about a foreign culture. You will have the energy to get your book published or to embark on a journey of higher learning.

The full moon in Sagittarius on June 17th is in your house of money. Dig deep and ask yourself if your life and finances are in order.

Get your work published and out into the world this month. Be honest with yourself about your relationships and money. Most importantly, get on a plane and travel the world or, at the very least, plan your international adventures.

Stand out Dates for Scorpio in June 2019:

  • 6/3

  • 6/14

  • 6/17

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