Sagittarius Horoscope and Stand Out Dates for February 2019

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Out with the old, Sagittarius!

Sagittarius February 2019 Horoscope

You'll feel more confident and full of vitality this month.

However, you could be releasing an old relationship or an old way of being which has run its course.

This is your time to shine. If there is anyone or anything dimming your light, it needs to be removed from your life.

It's the moment of truth for you. If you are willing to step into your power and weed out the emotional baggage, radical transformation is in store for you this month.

Last month's eclipses may have brought the theme of endings and beginnings in your life.

Be patient and remain confident even when the words are not flowing as you'd like. Allow your presence to be so big, you don't need words to get your point across.

When you let go of the old, you make room for a new life which is waiting for you. This life is bigger than you could ever image. You are in the thick of it and soon you will see the bright future in front of you.

Sagittarius, be brave and confident. Right now, you may only see what is in front of you. Trust as you let go of what is no longer working. Do not hold onto something because it is comfortable or because you do not see any other way.

Those who trust in the unseen and follow their hearts are most rewarded!

Stand Out Dates for Sagittarius in February 2019:

  • 2/3

  • 2/8

  • 2/28

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