Pisces March 2019 Horoscope for the Month

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There is so much going on in your sign this month!

Pisces March 2019 Horoscope

Happy birthday, Pisces!

There is a lot of energy in your sign for March 2019. Mercury goes retrograde March 5th and puts a halt to the initiation of new projects. You're the dreamer of the zodiac, so you understand better than most how to explore the inner realms of your consciousness. This is the perfect month for you to swim inwardly as Venus, the planet of love, is in your 12th house of dreams and inner exploration.

Use the introverted nature of Mercury retrograde to gain clarity on how you want your inner beauty to shine in the world. What makes you unique?

Mercury retrograde is about "re" everything. Reinvent yourself, rebrand your business, research how to make it happen.

After March 28th, game on for you, Pisces. For now, just keep dreaming and creating.

The best way for you to get clarity this month is by getting into nature. Make a commitment to get fresh air every day. Gardening and hiking would be very soothing for you this month. Connecting with new people and learning is also highlighted this month.

Pisces, make yourself a priority this month and please don't overextend yourself. Less is truly more this month. Choose simplicity and nature. As you delve inward, you will feel intuitively guided in everything you do!

Stand Out Dates for Pisces March 2019:

  • 3/6

  • 3/7

  • 3/21

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