Pisces' Incredibly Accurate June 2019 Horoscope

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A new job opportunity may be on the horizon, Pisces!

Pisces, This Is Your Very Accurate June Horoscope for 2019

Pisces, June brings clarity on your home and career life.

The month begins with a new moon in your chart section of home and family. You may decide to move or to make changes around your living environment. With Venus entering this sector on June 10th, you will feel motivated to beautify your home in some way.

Action planet Mars is in your house of fun, romance, and children all month. Maybe it is time to redecorate your children's room or make time and space for romance and fun. Much of this year has been about working harder than usual for you, dear Pisces. June is encouraging you to play and allow time for romantic encounters.

July will prove to be a bit intense with the upcoming eclipses. Therefore, relax, play, and spend some time on home projects this month.

June 17th brings a full moon in your house of career. You may be asked to travel for work internationally or to deepen your studies for career advancement. The light is shining bright, asking you to look at your social status and how you are seen in the world. If you are ready for a change, now is the time.

Do what is best for you and listen to your inner guidance before listening to anyone else. As the intuitive of the zodiac, you always know what is best for you.

The outer planets, including your rulering planets Jupiter and Neptune, will all be retrograde by the end of the month. This retrograde energy is perfect for meditation, journaling, and getting into nature. This time of introspection will bring you great clarity.

Stand out Dates for Pisces in June 2019:

  • 6/3

  • 6/17

  • 6/23

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