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What does the universe have in store for you sign?

Your Incredibly Accurate October 2019 Horoscope Is Here

October is an action-packed month full of romance, sudden change, and momentum.

There is much planetary masculine energy in the sky this month. This can be a positive thing, if you channel it in a focused way. Transformation is inevitable at this time. It is important to stay in your femininity, so you don't become aggressive or overbearing. Set clear and healthy boundaries in a loving way with everyone. Be honest, direct, and compassionate.

Balance is the key word or the month. Self-discipline, as well as self-care, are vitally important. Many planets are in Libra and Scorpio in October. Relationships are spotlighted. How you see yourself is how others see you. If you don't value yourself, others will not find you worthy. However, as you stand tall and walk with grace, you will be seen as a goddess. Do whatever you need to enhance your self-confidence. Your intuition will be heightened. Trust your gut feeling in every situation. You will be guided intuitively.

Communication planet Mercury turns retrograde on Halloween. Things may start going wacky and spooky a week or so beforehand. Get as much accomplished as possible in the first half of the month. Deal with car and computer issues earlier in October. Back up your electronics, tune up your vehicles, and book travel prior to Mercury retrograde. If you need to buy a new phone, do so early in the month to avoid complications.

Overall, this is a powerful month! You will have the ability to make your dreams come true as you stay in your feminine power. This planetary physical vitality is rare, so use it wisely. Stay focused, confident, balanced, and loving.


October is all about relationships, deep connections, trusting, and finances. You will have the drive to explore and heal relationship issues. As you release the relationships which are not feeding your soul, you find the love you are seeking is right in front of you. Money looks great this month as well. Enjoy the love and financial windfall!

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Taurus, this is an exciting month for you! Work, health, and relationships are the themes for you in October. You may receive some new job or volunteer opportunities. Romance is also enhanced. You may meet a new love or deepen your connection to a current mate. Enjoy the love and opportunities. You deserve it!

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You will be motivated all month to be social, childlike, and romantic. Get out in goddess fashion. Pleasure is a theme for you this month. Health is emphasized as well. Revise your exercise and eating routines in a way that feels good. Dance, get into nature, and enjoy all life has to offer!

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This is great month to entertain at home. Did someone say costume party? Declutter your home and you will feel a great sense of vitality in the cleaning process. Balance the Marie Kondo energy out by getting out and having fun. If you are single, the stars are aligning for an exciting romance. Open your heart!

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It is time to learn something new, travel, and beautify your home. There is an inner tug-of-war between comfort and change. This is a deeply transformational month for you. You may find yourself resisting change. However, as you surrender to the inevitable growth, you become like the butterfly. Spread your wings and fly!

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Get out of your comfort zone this month. Write, teach, travel, fall in love, and learn. Your confidence and vitality will be increased and will fly through your to-do lists. Make time to get out and socialize. A road trip would do your soul good in October. Romance is possible if you put yourself out there!

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Happy Birthday! Money, vitality, and luxury are the themes of the month for you. Go ahead and buy yourself a fabulous birthday gift. Pamper yourself and allow your inner goddess to radiate. You will have a sense of confidence and courage, which you haven't felt in quite some time. Enjoy the attention, as you will be turning heads!

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Rest and recharge, as you will soon be stepping into the spotlight. The month before your birthday is a time of hibernation. There is much planetary vitality, so you will need to make time to rejuvenate. Reflect on the areas of you life you are ready to release and shed the old, as only a Scorpio can. You are the sign of transformation and that is the theme of the month. Rest, release, and shine bright!

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Rest, travel, and romance are highlighted for you this month. Maybe a romantic trip to the vineyards? You would benefit from getting more sleep and you may even receive prophetic dreams. You can gain clarity from writing everything down. You will feel motivated to go after your dreams. Stay confident and focus on what you want!

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October may bring some exciting career and social opportunities. You are full of energy all month and anything is possible for you. There is some planetary action, which may bring out aggression. Soften your edges and show compassion for yourself and others. You may feel more lucky this month than most, so focus on the positive.

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You will feel inspired and confident this month. Romance is a possibility for you, as you expand your horizons. You are more driven than usual. Go after what you want. If you are single, it is a great time to create an online dating profile. If you are in a relationship, try something new together. Opportunities may present themselves to you with little effort. Get out there and have fun!

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You will be romantic, active, and in the public eye this month. A focused and deep connection to yourself and others is heightened. Romantic transformations are possible in October. You are one of the most spiritual signs and this is amplified for you at this time, so trust your instincts. Finances and travel look great for you as well. Enjoy!

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