The Most Accurate May 2019 Horoscopes for Each Zodiac Sign

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Are you ready for May 2019?

May 2019 Horoscopes

Have you felt the shift in energy?

It suddenly feels like life is moving full steam ahead. All of the personal planets, the energies we feel most intimately, are now charging forward. We have some slower-moving outer planets in retrograde. However, the outer planets are often not felt as closely as planets like Mercury, Mars, or Venus.

The new moon in Taurus on May 4th is bringing new beginnings and a fresh perspective on a previously challenged situation. We are given a new set of eyes to clearly see where we can add lasting stability to a certain area of life.

Loving Venus enters its home sign of Taurus midmonth, bringing a renewed hope in our ability to love and be loved.

The Scorpio full moon on May 18th is as intense as they come. Scorpio is a sign that does not swim in shallow waters, so when joined by a full moon, we will penetrate the depth of our emotional capacity. We will be faced with what needs to be released. If we weed out the negativity and the energy vampires in our lives, we will be rewarded with increased vitality and clarity.

However, if we ignore those inner nudges telling us what needs to be cut loose, we will feel edgy, restless, and angry during this full moon phase. This type of full moon does not allow us to sweep anything under the rug. Be prepared to go deep this month!


You may receive some interesting financial news this month. It is a great month to take a short trip or start a home improvement project. Writing or working from home is also favored this month. You are finally out of the low energy funk. You will feel more like yourself again!

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Happy Birthday! This is a great month for you. Venus, the planet of beauty, is spending the second half of the month in your sign. You will be turning heads, so pamper yourself. You may also be starting a new relationship or a new career this month.

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You are being asked to be still and quiet this month. If you can get away and retreat this month, you will receive many benefits. This month is all about healing your body and mind.

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May is a social month for you. There is a social planetary party in your house of friends and networking. Even the full moon is occurring in an outgoing, playful house in your chart this month. Make sure you carve out time to rest and rejuvenate, especially midmonth.

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You are going to be the star of the show in your career or social circle this month. Shine like the bright ray of sun you are and you may even get promoted or land your dream job. The full moon on May 18th is spotlighting any changes you need to make at home.

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You may be taking a deep dive into some form of higher learning, a new language, or planning a trip to a far away land. You are being asked to get very clear on your aspirations and to expand beyond the boundaries put in place by the mind. When you have clarity, take inspired action.

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You may just meet a soulmate this month. This is not the type of energy of a fling. I'm referring to a deep, soulful connection. The full moon on May 18th is bringing your finances into the spotlight. Make adjustments for you to feel a true sense of stability.

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New beginnings in your relationship house are highlighted this month. If you are in an existing partnership, the May 4th new moon could take it to the next level. This could also be a business partnership. The full moon on May 18th is in your sign, so you will feel it more than most. Get extra rest around that time.

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This whole year is about new beginnings for you. You have the magic touch to manifest anything you want in your life. The month of May shines a light on relationships and health. The full moon is in your house of meditation. Get quiet to gain insight on what you truly desire. Take inspired action and then sit back in awe as it blossoms before your eyes.

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Romance and play are the themes of the month for you. Leave work in time to hit happy hour with your friends and be open to meeting interesting people. You will be forced to get out of your comfort zone and play like a child. Have fun!

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Home life is the focus for you this month. Whether you are moving or decluttering, you will be craving stability and family time. The full moon on May 18th will shine a bright light on any imbalances in your work life or status in the world.

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Get out into the world this month. You will benefit from human interactions, as well as online pursuits of any kind. Your communication is heightened this month. Write, speak, publish, and just be you. The full moon on May 18th is asking you to go inward to find balance. Other than that, get out and about!

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