Libra's Incredibly Accurate June 2019 Horoscope

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Travel, travel, travel!

Libra, This Is Your Very Accurate June Horoscope for 2019

Libra, have you been thinking about traveling abroad or taking an advanced class in a certain subject?

The new moon on June 3rd is urging you to take your learning to a higher level or to embrace anything dealing with international travel.

Your ruling planet Venus is joining the travel sector this month as well. You will have lots of planetary support for anything related to travel, learning, or religion.

Communication planet Mercury is spending the majority of the month in your career and social status house. Therefore job-related writing and speaking will be enhanced. This is a great month to launch a new website or write a book.

The full moon is also enhancing these skills as it occurs in your communication house and is shining a bright light on all things social media, writing, and publishing.

Lucky Jupiter is spreading some fairy dust in these technological realms as well. This would be a great time to take your business online to reach a global audience. With all of the support in your international house, your business could reach a large number of people very quickly.

Make sure you take time to recharge your batteries, as July will prove to be very busy and possibly quite intense.

Libra, you thrive when you feel balanced so make sure to take time for self-care this month.

Stand out Dates for Libra in June 2019:

  • 6/3

  • 6/10

  • 6/17

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