July 2019 Horoscope for the Libra Zodiac Sign

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Be open to plenty of change this month, Libra!

Libra, This Is Your Very Accurate July Horoscope for 2019

Dear Libra, July brings you love and new career opportunities.

The month begins with a new moon total eclipse in your house of career and social status. New moons give you a blank canvas on which to paint your life. Eclipses enhance the new moon energy at least tenfold.

Driving force Mars and beautifully confident Venus are putting you in the spotlight. You will be urged to bring a sense of beauty and harmony into everything you do. This will be a very social and full month for you.

Your career house is lighting up with new beginnings. If you are not working, your social status will be transforming in some way. You may join a new group of friends or someone who you thought was just a friend may become a lover. Your ruling planet Venus is providing much potential for romance and falling in love.

If you are currently in a relationship, make sure to pencil in some fun romantic dates. Libra, you thrive when you are in a healthy relationship. Get out there and be open to love.

Mercury will be retrograde most of the month in your house of friendship and career. You may be reflecting on these areas. You may also be refining a creative work project or re-evaluating your aspirations. You could experience some changes in your friendships as well, so be open to a friendship evolving into a romance. You may also experience unsupportive friendships fading away.

The full moon on July 16th is occurring in your house of home and family. This often shows a move to a new home or a shift of some kind of family responsibilities. Have patience and bring a sense of peace to your family when dealing with issues. Everyone will follow suit. Gain clarity on what you want and connect with new people. You will be front and center this month!

Stand Out Dates for Libra in July 2019:

  • 7/3

  • 7/16

  • 7/21

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